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1 x 1g jar
3 x 1g jar

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About the strain:
Low Med High

Lindsay OG budder from Sea To Sky is a very potent extract with couchlock and sedative effects. The aroma is pungent and the flavour is a mix of skunk and sweet.

Aside from the beautiful gold Lindsay OG budder goodness you are about to indulge in, the extract is made with high quality and small-batch Lindsay OG trees. Premium BC bud.

Say goodbye to that chronic pain, say goodbye to that insomnia, say hello to a calm and peaceful mind. The couch lock effects and waves of euphoria can put you to sleep.

Sea to Sky only offers CBD, THC and terpene-rich cannabis extracts. Their cannabis oil is cleanly extracted using a supercritical CO2 method and our products are lab tested to ensure the highest quality. We test for cannabinoid and terpene profiles, potency, and contamination.

Amount per container:
Euphoric, Relaxed, Happy
Pain, Stress, Depression
About the vendor:
12 Customer Reviews

Sea to Sky was created by passionate cannabis users who believed that there was more to explore and soak-in when it came to the complex world that is cannabis extracts.

Sea to Sky is all about a balanced high and this balanced high is defined as a high that comes from pure extracts and masterfully tested cannabinoid and terpene combinations. Home of the Canada-famous Bruce Banner budder.

The SEA TO SKY Process

Sea to Sky offers CBD, THC and terpene-rich cannabis shatter and Supercritical vaporizer pens.

We offer a variety of CBD-to-THC ratios for flexible dosing because we understand that everyone has a unique balanced high.

6 responses to “Lindsay OG Budder”

  1. MetalFan says:

    Spread this on your toast!

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    I’ve had budder only once before and just got toasted. I bought a Puffco Peak wax vaporizer and decided to dabble with budder again. Looks like peanut butter! Haha love the Lindsay OG Flower which is usually available. The budder is fantastic! Smoked really well on the 2nd heat setting. A wave of relaxation and assurance washes over you that makes you want to sit on the couch and watch comedy. After awhile your back pain is still there, but has noticeably decreased. Very smooth to smoke out of the vaporizer. If you have a dab rig or vaporizer I highly recommend this. I will order again! This is very potent, only a small amount is needed!

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  2. Brendan says:


    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Some great smooth budder here

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  3. Amber says:

    Most potent

    This is the most potent offering from sea to sky definitely gets the job done one dab and I’m melting still Kong Louie is tastier but for effectiveness Lindsay wins by far!

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  4. Jules says:

    Keep this one for special occasion! very tasty very smooth very potent!

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  5. Brav says:

    Good for the price

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    this is great budder for the price of it!

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  6. Jeremy says:

    My stuff was much darker than in the photoshown

    Does Product Matches the Description? No

    Minimal effects/smells/taste, weird extract to work with, wouldn’t buy again.

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