Midnite OG Kush Diamonds

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3 x 1g

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About the strain:
Low Med High

GOC Midnite Kush Diamonds are some of the most relaxing extracts available on planet Earth. THC is 92%. If you are dabber, these diamonds are the next level on potency and flavour.

Midnite Kush Diamonds are the result of taking de-waxed and filtered BHO and subjecting it to incredibly low temperatures and varying pressure changes to create an environment conducive to the creation and growth of crystals within the BHO base.

There is nothing fast or quick about the process and the longer the crystals are left in this environment the more stable and larger they become.

The reason Diamonds are more expensive than shatter is the amount of time and patience required to complete a single productions run. This can take weeks and in some cases months to complete as well as the curing period after full crystallization has been achieved. The finished product is definitely worth the wait though.


Midnight Kush is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the classic Blueberry X Hash Plant strains.

Perfect for a lazy night when you want to kick back, Midnight Kush is one of the best ways to unwind after a long and stressful day when your mind just won’t stop racing.

The Midnight Kush high starts with a lifted effect that sneaks up on the back of your mind before suddenly taking hold and launching you into a state of pure euphoric bliss. A touch of focus will come next, giving you the concentration that you need to tackle any mental task at hand. However, this effect will quickly fade into a stoney head high, so be sure to get on that to-do list before you can’t focus! A relaxing body high accompanies this heady effect, anchoring you to the world below without causing sedation.

Effects: Happy, Relaxed

Medical: Stress, Pain, Anxiety

THC: 92%

CBD: 1%

THC and CBD percentages:

All of the parent cannabis used to create GOC diamonds tests at an average of 25.5-26% THC and 0.386% CBD.

GOC Midnite Kush Diamonds THC %’s comes in at over the 90% range.

At Gods Own Concentrates, they have chosen to produce products that are as true to the original cannabis strain profile as possible.

We strive to use the highest quality and most flavorful strains we can source to always provide our customers with the best dabbing experience possible.

In addition, we are never satisfied unless we are making the best and so we continue to find and use new methods endlessly to always take our products to new levels for our customers.

About the vendor:
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Gods Own Concentrates exotic terpene infused shatter, diamonds, sauce, and vape refills are produced through a combination of both BHO extraction and Fractional Distillation.

They believe that the combination of these two extraction methods is the only true way to maintain the specific individual characteristics of the base strains used to make the concentrate, keeping all of the original flavour notes, terpene profiles and personalized highs each strain provides. While ensuring a very potent and effective medicine.


GOC do not use any sugar based sweeteners, syrups or artificial flavourings in any of their terpene infused shatter products.

Gods Own Concentrates only uses strain based terpenes to enhance the existing terpene profiles and flavour notes.


5 Responses to “Midnite OG Kush Diamonds”

  1. MaCyber says:

    Diamonds forever!!

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Nice taste and effect. Never had diamonds before so it was a great experience!!

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  2. Micheal Greene says:

    Midnight Toker.

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    High folks. Continuing to try diamonds. What I’m finding is I can’t really decipher between sativa or indica diamonds. All I can tell is that I’m fucked up and everything gonna be ok. For real though. Midnite Kush diamonds are stated as indica but again I get a hybrid high. Not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong! I mean, I smoke these diamonds and I guess I catch hints of Blueberries but it’s still that rancid sweet diamonds taste followed by a massive head rush and …Bliss…. Such a great happy rush and high! Like what a rush! It’s great! Lasts for like 20 minutes and then slowly brings you to a clear heavy relaxed state but doesn’t sedate me. Very pleasant. No doubt that diamonds deliver a tremendous high that is awesome but can’t bring the terps out in the process I guess. I tried something. I mixed a Rockstar Kush Terp sauce with a SFV Diamonds. OMG! Get some and see what I’m talking about! Really worth it! Cheers!✌️

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  3. Danielle says:

    Sure Bet

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    It tastes like orange sorbet on the first pull. Looks like the colour of marmalade. Smells like horseradish. Leaves me focused – or I was just on that stage of the high when I wrote this lol. The description the website gives is bang on. Still have the taste of orange sorbet in my mouth.

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  4. MetalFan says:


    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    A dark yellow colour, larger “diamonds” than the other 2 strains I’ve bought. Love this, potent af, a wave of relaxation will wash over you, followed by intense snacking, and then a wonderful sleep. Creates lovely thick clouds of smoke in my wax vape. Will buy more and the Haida Gwaii!

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  5. Will pipe says:


    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Great smoke even better high. Super clean taste they really redeemed themselves on this one.

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