CBD TINCTURE (Grapeseed Oil Base – 30mL Bottle)

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Low Med High

0 responses to “CBD TINCTURE (Grapeseed Oil Base – 30mL Bottle)”

  1. Jesse says:

    Wow this awesome its like adding a kick to your drink. If your a big smoker 2 drops you will be happy. But light smokers will definitly need just one. Im ordering again that white palm you guys kick ass lol

  2. Thomas says:

    This is a great product works well. I’ll be ordering more for sure

  3. Honorata says:

    The product is great. Just grapeseed oil tests little bit funny but if you like it ……

  4. Niklas says:

    Getting the right dosage is very much trial and error but I find that 0.25ml twice a day works well for reducing anxiety and boosting mood. Tastes decent, love that it’s lab tested, wish it wasn’t as expensive, but I’ll likely be ordering more!

  5. Alexander says:

    So awesome both my wife and I love. Works very well for when I’m feeling anxious.

  6. Alessandro says:

    This product is excellent for anxiety and inflammation. The Grapeseed Oil Base isn’t too bad if you are just dropping it under your tongue. You can’t even taste it when mixed into a drink.

  7. terence dwayne says:

    I have been using this for my Stage 4 Colon Cancer for awhile now and my cancer is down 50%. I think with the combination of Chemo and the CBD oil have contributed to the shrinkage of my cancer.Even my Cancer doctor was surprised of my results, I will definitely keep using till the day I die…

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