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About the strain:
Low Med High

9 responses to “Mango Jack Herer – Weekly Weed Deal”

  1. ROBERT says:


    One of the few cheaper strains I was disappointed with. The high was ok, short lived, but fun while it lasted lol uplifting and energetic high but needed more duration! Found it to be a tad drier then I like and almost no taste/smell to it but for $140/oz it is an ok buy.

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  2. marcus says:

    good stuff!

    I was very happy with this strain, especially for this price! Thank you WP for bringing in fairly priced quality strains!! The cons are that this flower has no nose, so there is no nice smell to it, and I personally found it a little harsh in a joint, but I almost exclusively vape now. In the Volcano it was smooth as ice! It has a good quality uplifting cerebral daytime high with a good potency, it left me satisfied, and I smoke a lot! As for duration of high I found it to be fine, not super long lasting but on par with the average, funny how our experiences can be so subjective sometimes. I would give this bud 8.5 out of 10. Only other thing I want to say is why are people complaining about their bud being too dry all the time? All the bud I have received from this site has either been just right or too damp. If the bud hasn’t been dried and cured properly and if it is too damp then all the THC does not become fully psychoactive and the potency suffers! Dry buds are a good thing.

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  3. Steven says:

    First time in a year I’ve been less than stoked about a WhitePalm offering. Crispy, airy buds with little to no aroma. Not much taste through the vape either. This strain didn’t smoke harshly or anything like that and did kick a nice little buzz but was a pretty uninspiring high over all. I will say still worth a go for those less experienced or less chronic. It’s a good bet for the price. Not gonna blow you away but it’s not Nipigon No Buzz either.

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  4. Steve oxley says:


    Guess that’s what an 80 dollar will get you….just pass don’t puff

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  5. Conor says:

    Entirely disappointed

    As an experienced smoker, familiar with both Jack Herer and Mango Kush, this schwag resembled neither. After being excited when the package showed up, I felt severely let down. There wasn’t a cannabis smell upon opening the bag, it was like opening a box of tea, Orange Pekoe if I had to be specific. Looking at the buds there was no trademark sprinkling of crystal resin. I thought the smoke could change my mind, but the joint wouldn’t stay lit and after having to light every toke the high afterwards is nonexistent. I’ve smoked some lousy pot in my time, but I didn’t think I’d get such quality from BC.

    I’m not entirely sure if WhitePalm stand by their product or if I got sucked into a scam, but I’m very disappointed in this ounce of flower and I hope other customers can see this review before making a purchase themselves.

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  6. Neil says:

    It’s okay

    Definitely not the worse I have had but nothing special at all. Fairly tasteless but at least its smooth. Decent looking bud. Solid buzz.

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  7. Guillaume says:


    This one was very ok…. For 80 buck isnt worth… I buy the purple kush at the same time at 80 was very better the mango jack dont smell anything and dont taste nothing to is dry im a bit dissapoint of this one….

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  8. Shawn says:

    Not Bad

    Does the trick. Nice little buds, smells good not a ton of taste. Decent daytime high.

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  9. Nicholas Marcotte says:

    All good if you like jack

    Very Jack-y. Not the best cure flavor but works nicely for the price. Good enough to smoke between grows! Semi dense but still fluffy.

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