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About the strain:
Low Med High

13 responses to “Platinum Master Kush – Weekly Weed Deal”

  1. Angel says:

    Excellent quality bud

    This PMK is excellent for all say use. Excellent for social occasions, work, or house cleaning. Worth the money i will definitely be ordering more.

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  2. Paul says:

    Very nice.

    Lovin the full body relaxation on this guy. Trim could’ve been a bit better but you can’t expect perfection at $180 per ounce ya know?

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  3. Brian says:

    Amazing bang for your buck!

    Appearance 8/10 underwhelming at 1st glance but nicer upon closer inspection, small to medium sized dark green buds, average looking crystal a fair amount of red hair and it could use a better trim job for sure. When you squeeze the bud the inner stickness will be revealed, the bud is so dense that it traps the goo inside, this is a GREAT SIGN of what’s to come!
    Aroma 9/10 ***DISCLAIMER*** If you stick your nose in the bag or jar you will be very underwhelmed! you need to stick a bud up to your nostril and squeeze out the awesome aroma that is trapped beneath the surface, it has a very nice sweet hashy kush scent that tickles the nose and numbs the throat, REAL NICE!
    Flavor 10/10 OH YEAH! This is where this stuff SHINES! Strong thick delicios expansive vapor that kicks coming in and going out! love love love it!!! Hashy sweet kush tones, nice after taste that stays with you! did i mention that i LOVE IT?
    Active effects 10/10 intensely relaxing for the body, immensely stimulating for the mind, great for pain, great for sleep issues, great for wake,n,bake great for daytime consumption great for night time consumption!AWESOME!
    Overall 9.5 would earn an 11/10 if it looked as nice as it is!
    An amazing strain, if it stays at this price point i could see myself ordering ounces of this regularly, at a lower price point i might consider ordering it steady.
    One of the best strains i have ever vaped in a pax,, the vapor on the medium setting is amazing.

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  4. Paul says:

    Bomb dot com

    Some more quality at a more affordable price. This is the guy you want to smoke more often than not without feeling guilty about burning a hole in your pocket.

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  5. Akeela says:

    not bad

    when I got this stuff, to be honest, i thought the aroma was going to be more potent and the buzz is not bad i have had better but for the price i can’t complain it does the job so thank you

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  6. Wayne says:

    So much bang for buck

    Taste is amazing. Compared to the other bud in the same price range I would say this is at least 50% more effective and pleasant. I agree with some of the others that the trim could be slightly better, but really that’s splitting hairs. For what you are spending and getting, 9.5/10

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  7. Nicholas Marcotte says:

    Upper lip sweats

    First draw on it and I got the little upper lip sweats. Nice quick acting buzz. Very relaxing. Caaaaaaaaannnnndy baaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrzzzz! Fluffy buds. Couple dense ones in there were real nice. Not a fan of the cure though.

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  8. Kris says:

    Very nice!

    This stuff is very nice smokes well tastes really good and the buzz is awesome ! The only thing I dont like is theres not much smell when you open the bag . The buds are nice themselves also ….great deal for 120 an O

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  9. Timothy Fullmer says:

    tight buds

    a nice smooth smoke, good for daytime use, will monitor moisture content as it seems a tad dry

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  10. Brandon Abel says:

    Another homerun

    I’m realizing you guys dont buy crappy strains for this 5star dispensary. Wow this strain delivered another great review from me, it’s high and taste are a 9/10, and the price is 10/10. Thanks for the high times never dissapointed!!

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  11. Kim Hnatiw says:


    A bit of stem this batch but smokes nicely

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  12. peter says:

    I really enjoyed this strain got a nice looking ounce at a great price thanks

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  13. Kyle says:


    Okay buds smells awesome

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