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About the strain:
Low Med High

OG Kush Popcorn might be small but don't let the size fool you. These lil nugs are covered in trichomes and stacked with THC. Limited to 1 ounce per customer due to limited supply.

This batch of OG Kush Popcorn is a legendary West Coast strain with links to the ancient world. This is popcorn but that doesn’t mean these nugs didn’t come from a very potent crop of smoke. If these buds were full size, this would be quad grade.

These little buds are straight Indica. Pain and insomnia sufferers will really appreciate this flower. If you are stocking up on sleep aids, you don’t want to miss this chance to grab these cheap and highly effective buds. Getting this kind of deal on a flower of this potency is a very rare occurrence so don’t hesitate since we don’t have too much of it.

As these buds are small, we were able to pick this stuff up at an amazing deal. Hence the ridiculously low price. There are leaves in this batch as well but even those are covered in high-intensifying trichomes (crystals) so every puff should be sending you to space.

The smell of these buds are also on point as they were cured perfectly. Many of their original terpenes are still intact and wafting off these mini-buds.

There are in fact other advantages of popcorn buds that are just generally true: you don’t lose as much weight to stems, you don’t need to pull the buds off stems before you grind them and little buds are easy to throw directly into the bong – instant bong rip here we come!

A highly effective strain for those ailing with anxiety, depression, digestive problems, migraine headaches and chronic pain. OG Kush Popcorn.

Relaxed, Happy, Hungry
Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Depression
About the vendor:
Kootenay Fire
25 Customer Reviews

Kootenay Fire prides themselves in being a sustainable British Columbia Marijuana force focused on indoor-grown cannabis. Our company and brand embraces British Columbian values and adventurous motives. We focus on small-batch flowers and masterfully crafted hashish that are meant to compliment all types of lifestyles.


Kootenay Fire is one of the finest recreational British Columbia Marijuana producers in the province. Their state of the art growing facility and YEARS of experience feature a cutting edge growing operation with rotating strains.

Kootenay Fire is bringing back the flowers that made BC Bud so popular.

9 Responses to “OG Kush Smalls”

  1. Shawn says:

    Actually Very Good

    Small but very tight sticky bright green nugs. Could be trimmed a bit better but overall real nice. Nice Indica smoke and high.

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  2. Kyle says:


    Small bugs but great smell and high!

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  3. James Carrier says:


    Trim was a bit rough but it’s hard with the small nugs! Great bang for the buck. Frosty little buggers packed a nice punch! Will get this again anytime!

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  4. Kyle says:

    Good nugs and taste

  5. Stephan Robichaud says:

    Good value

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Great Bang for Buck, still fluffs well in the grinder, tastes good.
    Good smoke, I would buy again

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  6. James says:

    Good price

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Buds are small of course but very nice. Smell nice and smoke nice. Kind of a fruity note In the taste I find. Prefer to vape this. Great product for the price

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  7. Rod says:


    Yup, yup, and yup!

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  8. Joshua Shepherd says:

    Can't beat the price

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Definitely cannot go wrong for the price by any means . Smells great and the taste is true definitely recommend grabbing some while it lasts .

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  9. Margo says:

    Great day time smoke. Love the smell. Love the taste.

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  10. Josh says:

    Smokeys Review

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Don’t need to get into a full detail about this one its OG Kush like you remember it just smaller pop corn buds also covered in kief very nice 👌 will buy again. Thanks again WP

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