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About the strain:
Low Med High

Organic Wookie Orgasm by Kindle Bloom. Organic means NO pesticides. Plus some of the best Organic inputs are used to grow this truly epic flower. Bet you can just picture the effects on this one ;)

Introducing Organic Wookie Orgasm, bred by Bodhi Seeds, cultivated by Kindle Bloom.

This potent variety is the mix of Bodhi’s two best concentrate strains. The result is crystal covered plant with lemon, lime, blueberry, lavender and pine cone flavours.

Another great selection from Bodhi seeds, cultivated by Kindle Bloom, Wookie Orgasm is a blend of some of the greatest strains available. Take Bodhi’s Wookie #15 and cross it with Orgasmatron, a blend of the Nepali OG x Stevie Wonder, which brings in the genetics of the famous Sensi Star, Trainwreck, Blueberry, and Bubba Kush. You can imagine there is a lot of potential here. While the structure and appearance is nothing to write home about, it’s the aroma of the myriad of Terpenes that ellicits lemon, lime, blueberry, lavender and pine. With this combination, you’ll be smiling before you finish rolling that joint or packing that bowl.

This addictive aroma is what Wookie Orgasm is all about. Ladies and gents! Pay attention here… Bodhi chose to name it this way for a reason. Our sense of smell is the most powerful of all our senses, so go ahead, use the gift God gave us, spoil your senses with Wookie Orgasm!

About the vendor:

Kindle Bloom

Boutique, organic, and sustainable craft cannabis.
4 Customer Reviews

From deep in the rainforest of south west BC emerges a unique and integral cannabis producer. Presenting Kindle Bloom Organic Craft Cannabis, grown in 100% living organic soil, harvested at peak maturity, and dried and cured slowly to perfection. Kindle Bloom provides only 100% organic flowers so you can feel safe that there is no residues from fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or other conventional additives. Going well beyond your average organic program, we source local and sustainable inputs, as well, we take from both, Biodynamic and Korean Natural Farming practices. Our conscious approach to farming means we recycle our soil, we compost unused plant material and focus on maintaining a balanced ratio of mycology and microbiology to reflect what happens in Mother Nature.


10 responses to “Organic Wookie Orgasm”

  1. Joshua says:

    Really nice in the bong!

    This stuff is cured to perfection and burns wicked. I use in a bong and it burns forever and tastes amazing… Well done!

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  2. Liam says:


    The description says structure and appearance nothing to write home about but the terps are insane. I would have to disagree. I feel the look and structure of bud is amazing just crawling in hairs but the taste and smell was lacking for me . Bud has no odour until cracked open and the smell and taste are weak to me. Was my first time ordering from kindle bloom and flavour just wasn’t there . In comparison everything I’ve gotten from EVB has been insanely potent taste and smell . The buzz off the wookie is very nice . Long lasting feels like sativa to me mind goes racing , doesn’t make you tired . Just wish it tasted better . I only vape maybe that’s why flavour is so important to me .

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  3. Amy says:

    Fruity smoke

    I ordered the 1g pre roll. Rolled nicely and smelled quite fruity out of the nice dube tube. I almost never light joint so I’m assuming the uneven burn was totally me! Smooth inhale with a very fruity aroma. Burned clean and white. Reminded me of my Grandpa smoking a wine tipped cigar by the smell for some reason.
    Buzz is super clear and uplifting. Jamming out to Disturbed and it sounds awesome. Few puffs and you can function with motivation. Few more puffs and totally chill. Would be a good party share or for a concert but not great for relaxation. No paranoia or cotton mouth but a bit of an aftertaste that clears with a sip of water.

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  4. Brandon Abel says:

    Really enjoyed it

    This one was way better then the pre rolled rainbow chip joint. It burned perfectly and the high was perfect and smooth for working on.

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  5. Valentine says:


    Got this for my wife. She tried it and she said it was amazing. I did tell her that this strain was named for a reason and maybe it’s placebo effect but she said it was really good.

    For me? I like it. It taste great and it looks fluffy and hairy. To be honest, I have only tried it a few times saving it for my wife.

    I be very interested in the female experience with this strain .. so please ladies share your thoughts. For us males, it’s the heavy indica like greasy pink which gives us huge time dilation and strong body high to heighten and prolong our peak moment.

    yea, interesting strain …. ladies?

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  6. Mike says:

    I liked this bud!

    I really enjoyed this stuff and I have to agree with Liam, I don’t know what they’re talking about in the description, the structure and appearance of this flower is really quite nice. This stuff is kind of fluffy when you cut in to it, I thought the structure was really interesting and nice, I liked this a lot and would definitely order again

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  7. Bradley says:

    Great Stuff!

    Another strain that had a ton of love poured into it. You can just tell by the trim, smell and all-around high the perfect noon bud.

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  8. Dr. Herber West says:

    Marvelous !

    I think we are all beginning to realize how awesome high CBD strains are. This one is no different. It’s a great ratio – provides a good euphoric high and the body effects are A+. It’s one of those “dude, I’m so chill right now” kind of highs. Zero anxiety. Highly sociable. It reminded me of the first times I got stoned where you just keep repeating how high you are.

    In lower doses, it made me very upbeat and happy, it made work fly by, and I was even able to talk to my boss without feeling paranoid that he would know I was high.

    Also, the buds look fine. Nothing spectacular but it’s completely acceptable. I was very happy with this one.

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  9. Curtis says:

    It wasn't my favourite

    This particular batch of wookie was extremely dry, basically like dust when busting. The high was pretty good, the flavour is a bit lacking imo. It is a good smoke for night time or when you need the benefit of CBD strains, but otherwise I thought it was average, would prefer a heavy indica if I had the choice.

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  10. Stéphane says:

    Awesome strain

    Impressive strain. Tasty, great buzz and quality at the top. I recommande ?
    Tank you GWP!

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