Original Haze Live Resin Souffle

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Low Med High

5 responses to “Original Haze Live Resin Souffle”

  1. Geoff says:


    OMG This is incredible. Definitely will purchase again. This special treat will send you into the stratosphere. If you like Haze Medicine…. this is top drawer.

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  2. Sean says:

    This is a budder which makes it very easy to work with. I find it a little harsh but otherwise has full flavor and effects are intense. Only issue for me is price.

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  3. Ryan De Alwis says:

    Smells Insane

    Very loud and complex, saving for special occasions. I find myself opening it just to take a whiff. This is impress your friends. It is a little pricey for .5g, however it is an exceptional extract. This haze hits you in the face, easy to overindulge because it tastes so good. I recommend this if you aren’t on a budget. Strong genetics, interesting texture and LOUD!

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  4. Ryan De Alwis says:

    1 of the Best Extracts.

    I put this up there with some of the best extract I have ever tried. Flavour is indescribable, but I will try: loud incense-like sour skunky floral acidity, complex as fuck. I found myself just smelling it throughout the day. It didn’t last long, but got me soaring through the day like a super hero??‍♂️. Brought this to softball, and it got me in the zone. Someone on my team hit my pen, and asked immediately “what is that”?? I said “ORIGINAL HAZE LIVE RESIN SOUFFLE”, they gave me the most confused stare as they exhaled the sweetest vapour one could experience. Don’t care about review points, just wanted to share a review with a wider spectrum of experience. I love this country. I love your service White Palm! Thank you!!!

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  5. Kd says:

    A great treat

    I bought this to try instead of shatter and I’m glad I did. It’s expensive, but delicious and worth the price! To me, the exhale tastes exactly like fresh tangerine. It’s unlike any flavour profile in a cannabis concentrate or flower I’ve tried before. I’ll definitely buy again.

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