Deluxe Electric Shatter Vape Pen

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Tested and extracted from the highest quality of plants, Phant is the clean, natural choice to medicate your body.

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About the strain:
Low Med High

4 responses to “Deluxe Electric Shatter Vape Pen”

  1. Lenny says:

    Phant Deluxe Electric Pen is a sleek, simple, and discreet, disposable vaporizing electronic joint. This pen is great for going out and about well staying well medicated. This pen has roughly 250-300 hits before having to buy another refill. Well worth every penny, also PHANT has some new flavor as well if wanted to try something a little different each time. Definitely worth buying if looking to medicated in public without anyone noticing will buy again for sure Thanks @GetWhitePalm :) For the great product.

    Phant Deluxe Electric Pen From GetWhitePalm – This Deluxe vape pen

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  2. Chad says:

    Good value but can't recommend.

    The Phant Deluxe Electric Pen is an all right pen for the cost but not something a heavy user will find useful/cost effective. A refill tank would last me about 2-3 days, and after only 2 months my pen broke entirely and will no longer charge, so the remaining refills i have are useless unless i buy a new pen. By far this is not Phants best product, my opinion is just stick to their shatter (i recommend the Master Kush, my personal favorite) and use their Dab pen if you need dabs on the go.

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  3. Riley says:

    professional look, professional product

    Perfect if you need a pen for a few sessions. Easy to use if your new to dab pens, no recharge needed so i can puff away all day long without having to reload. you can get refill cartridges that just skew on so you can keep a few in your pocket without taking up room for those long days. The purple candy has a refreshing sweet taste and is clear and golden very impressed with their quality.

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  4. Wayne says:

    phant rechargeable pen

    Like the concept but the pen won’t recharge before the first vial is empty. Wouldn’t recommend based on my experience.

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