Blueberry Pure THC Distillate Vape ePen

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About the strain:
Low Med High

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  1. Gabryel Rousseau says:

    I ordered this one for my girlfriend and recieve it last week . I didnt know what to expect first but let me tell you guy I was surprised af and I Didnt think I would appreciate this product even before trying it yet ! : I mean ! When I take it out of the little box , a blueberry perfume directly came through my nose ! But not a artificial flavour I meant A real taste of berry ! The blueberries’s terpenes added to that delicious Thc serum are very effective and significant. As a members of WP I highly recommend this product and really think there will be a huge hype around it later this year . Big Love WhitePalm . GR

  2. Alessandro says:

    This pen works great! Perfect for when you need something discreet and portable.

  3. Lori says:

    Amazing product, so much better than Phant or Toko disposables, The Distillate is potent enough that one hit is noticeable couple more over five minutes sets you up well. Have tried 3 flavours and Blueberry/Grape are my favourites. Batteries do a good job but no more than 2 hits in a row, then it needs to recharge.. more like a dab than a vape. 5Star
    Dont know why this is a comment and not a points review??

  4. John Benjamins says:

    My first disposable vape pen, so wasn’t even sure what to do, just started pulling on the end and it automatically started producing blueberry flavour. Wasn’t sure how much I was taking, pulled a long time and produced a large vapour cloud, nice buzz, good flavour, very discrete.

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