Burmese Kush

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About the strain:
Low Med High

2 responses to “Burmese Kush”

  1. Brian says:

    Buku bud.

    Appearance 8/10 smaller light green buds, a stretched out look to them but they are dense frosty white and a little sticky with a few dark hairs,nice cure some buds are trimmed nice and some not so much.Looks like a lot of lower branching buds that never got enough light.
    Aroma 6.5/10 sweet and floral,earthy and musky, reminds of Chernobyl or white widow, far from my personal favorite scents.
    Flavor 6/10 sweet and floral, not for me.Not sure how it burns but this vapor was sort of hard to inhale, it felt unclean, really left a strange feeling in my mouth that i didn’t like, felt like my nasal passage was burnt.
    Active effects 7.5/10 decent high that might be ok for pain but i really didn’t enjoy it after inhaling the vapor.
    Overall 7/10 just ok, not sure about how clean it is?, maybe it just doesn’t vape well?
    I have come across this stuff plenty of times over the years, never heard it called Buku before, it is not a favorite of mine but there must be a lot of people who enjoy it, it has been around forever.

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  2. Aysia says:


    This was such a tasty treat. The stone was like no other. Couch lock and relaxing. Lifted my anxiety. Once I smoked a bit more than I planned, and fell into a deep, deep sleep. Patiently waiting for a restock.

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