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Low Med High

6 responses to “Purple Comatose OG”

  1. Aysia says:

    killed it once again

    what a sticky, to-die-for bud! the smell isn’t appealing to me much until i grind it up – then my nose is stuck to my grinder! the trim could be better, but it doesn’t bother me. very potent, couch lock-y without knocking me out.

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  2. Jordan says:

    My favorite I think so far from Whitepalm

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  3. Lori says:

    Lovely Dark Buds

    This bud is deep shade of grey green purple hues. Coated with trichomes. Really nice batch. Heady Indica packs big punch. Some buds fluffy but still super coated with resin.

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  4. Kevin says:

    Just got mine today love it Works great for Diabetic foot pain And sleeping God Bless

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  5. Brian says:


    Appearance 10/10 Large dense sticky buds dark purple in color with a few dark hairs, saturated in sticky white resin,perfect cure with a fine trim!
    Aroma 9/10 mild but pleasing scent, earthy and skunky with a little spice, a real nose tickler if you can release the aroma trapped within the resin.
    Flavor 10/10 potent thick strong expansive vapor!,sweet fruity earthy spicy skunk, this is real nice!
    Active effects 10/10 body melting mood elevating high that annihilates pain, good choice for before bed as well,this stuff works for me..
    Overall 10/10 Nice looking great tasting weed with a kick ass high, no complaints.
    TRY IT.

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  6. Marky says:


    I love purple herb that has this kind of taste. I have had one or two other purple strains with this class of taste, and when I get herb with purple in the name, this is the flavor I hope to get.

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