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Eighth of an Ounce

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About the strain:
Low Med High

2 responses to “Rene”

  1. Valentine says:

    Sweet smelling and very strong heady high. The effects can be felt immediately. The build is fast and the first hour is enveloped in “I am really high” feeling.

    Smoke is smooth and flavourful. Last a solid two hours. Best for after 2 pm.

    Glad I tried it.

    Have not tried it for sex. I prefer Greasy Pink or maybe GG4 :) a heavy indica for the body stone and big time dilation to make that fleeting moment last longer are my strains for sex :) LOL.

  2. Blair Webber says:

    My old Friend.

    I still have some actual EVB Rene from A Friend WW. That distinct scent like no other. Fantastic. Unfortunately, this is not that. Not even close.

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  3. K S says:

    Tastes weird

    Decent enough buzz but just doesnt taste good, tastes like a supermarket smells.

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