Sweet Reef – Salt Water Taffy (Assorted THC Candy Pack)

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Low Med High

0 responses to “Sweet Reef – Salt Water Taffy (Assorted THC Candy Pack)”

  1. Ashley says:

    Not to bad. Watermelon is my fav. Pineapple lacking flavor. Peach 2nd. Nice product. Would like to see what else they have in the works. Gr8 discreet way to consume our medicine!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Love these! Great body melt. The watermelon one I didn’t like that much but the peach and pineapple were awesome.

  3. James says:

    There good body stone…my old lady was a zombie.lol

  4. Gabryel Rousseau says:

    Perfect to Add with Some Toko Slim’s draws . It enhances the effects of what you are taking after . Personally.
    Try it out ! I’ve done 1.5 candy ?.

  5. Khoa420 says:

    First of , this is not for a veteran green master , unless you’re going to eat more than 3 lol . Full effect will kick in about an hour , and will last at least 1 hour . Best result when stomac is not full . For me it was just a little tickling indica effect with one candy . I actually did enjoy it , peaceful mind , relax body , felt pretty much like the end of a great indica high , but less couch lock. Made my gf try it out (she doesn’t get high often) , the effect was much stronger for her and last a lil over 1h1/2 . You wont taste that strong artificial flavor , it was mild just egnough and taste good . My favorite are pineapple and peach . I do recommend this if you need to medicate and dont want to smoke/vape/dab . A lil too pricy . Over all 4****

  6. Andrew Norman says:

    dude cant beat this body high #1 eat 3


  7. Sheryl says:

    Yum! Tasty. Not too sweet. Very chilled and fun at the same time. Definitely a reorder item.

  8. Cody Douma says:

    These are great. I find that a single candy is the perfect amount for me. Flavours are incredible and the effects are much faster for me than past edibles.

  9. Julie says:

    Delicious ! I ate all three ! Ordering more right away

  10. Akeela says:

    it was really nice and sweet it was not what i expected and i would get more for sure

  11. Angel says:

    I love that it came i the 3 different flavours. The pineapple one was bland but other then that absolutely delicious. I recommend these to everyone!

  12. Lory says:

    Very tasty ok stone

  13. Ashley says:

    Nice Tasting. Very mellow effect. Didn’t get me super high but maybe I smoke too much. LOL. I would buy again.

  14. Francis says:

    Really guys, just smoke

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