San Fernando Valley OG THC Diamonds

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3 x 1g

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About the strain:
Low Med High

GOC San Fernando Valley OG THC Diamonds are some of the best wake n bake extracts in ze world. THC is 90%. If you are dabber, these diamonds are the next level on potency and flavour.

San Fernando Valley OG THC Diamonds are the result of taking de-waxed and filtered BHO and subjecting it to incredibly low temperatures and varying pressure changes to create an environment conducive to the creation and growth of crystals within the BHO base.

There is nothing fast or quick about the process and the longer the crystals are left in this environment the more stable and larger they become.

The San Fernando Valley OG THC Diamonds is whole plant fresh frozen live rosin that is soooo concentrated it then turns into beautiful diamonds. THC-A crystalline is a relative newcomer to the world of cannabis concentrates that boasts incredible potency.

Diamonds are isolated from live resin extracts. After harvesting perfectly mature plants the flowers are frozen and then extracted quickly then pressed immediately and jarred to retain full terpene expression. This process happens multiple times until the extract is so concentrated that it crystallizes into DIAMONDS.


SFV OG by Cali Connection is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is great for user who need strong pain relief but don’t want to be stuck on the couch. As the name indicates, this OG Kush relative originates from California’s San Fernando Valley. Leading with aromatic notes of earthy pine and lemon, its body effects take a little longer to feel than the initial head haziness.

Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric
Stress, Pain, Depression
About the vendor:
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Gods Own Concentrates exotic terpene infused shatter, diamonds, sauce, and vape refills are produced through a combination of both BHO extraction and Fractional Distillation.

They believe that the combination of these two extraction methods is the only true way to maintain the specific individual characteristics of the base strains used to make the concentrate, keeping all of the original flavour notes, terpene profiles and personalized highs each strain provides. While ensuring a very potent and effective medicine.


GOC do not use any sugar based sweeteners, syrups or artificial flavourings in any of their terpene infused shatter products.

Gods Own Concentrates only uses strain based terpenes to enhance the existing terpene profiles and flavour notes.

3 responses to “San Fernando Valley OG THC Diamonds”

  1. MaCyber says:

    I like it :)

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Starting to really enjoy Diamonds and SFV does not disappoint:)

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  2. Micheal Greene says:

    Bright like a SFV Diamond.

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    High folks. Been trying diamonds lately. Trying to see if they are amaze balls or over rated. These have a bright scent with hints of lemon. Looks more like crumble in a way but more sparkly. Price is great for trying these now. Means I can afford them more often now. Taste is a bit rancid with lemony notes. The high is very strong and felt a bit more like a hybrid rather than a sativa but that’s just me. It definitely gets you there and feels like a clean focused high. Not soaring and jittery. Doesn’t get me off the couch but definitely won’t keep me there either. Overall it’s a nice high that puts you in a very relaxed state about two hours later. So ya, if you want huge amounts of melt your face THC or big time pain control, diamonds is great. Didn’t notice much for terps but THC is there! Affordable and effective, get you some! Cheers!✌️

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  3. Hassan says:

    tastes terrible

    Idk if it’s just me, but this is one of the nastier tasting concentrates I’ve had. Can’t say it doesn’t get me high, but it’s almost like I’m smoking hair (taste wise).

    Smoked 2g of this, the other diamonds don’t have this taste. Deff not worth the price for me

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