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Low Med High

Habibi in Arabic translates to "my love" in English. This is a good base to understand the quality of this real Soft Moroccan Hash.

The Hashman describes this as “the best Moroccan in Canada” so we had to get it. This Soft Moroccan hashish is tasty as heck and super easy to handle. And potent. From the same producers as the hard Habibi.

There has been a debate going on for sometime on what the best hashish in the world is. Which region? What type? Which stamp of approval?

It’s really tough to say but we can 100% assure you that this Habibi is in that conversation. For the love of hash, it’s stamp translates into “my love” which can only mean that the craftsmen making this hash in Morocco have true love for the product they create.

This hash produces an incredibly smooth and relaxed high.

The second you smoke it you will be transported into a world reminiscent of old world Morocco where the streets are buzzing and the locals are trying to sell their hash to each other and tourists. Small cafes are still popular spots for playing cards, drinking tea, and enjoying the culture of fine kif. It would seem that the future of the culture is written in the history of Moroccan hash. Enjoy :)

How do you know this is the real deal Habibi Moroccan Hashish?

  1. The official stamp is shown – you can think of the stamp in the same way you think of a painter’s signature. It is something to be proud of.
  2. It is more smooth than the Afghan so if you have tried our Afghan, please compare the two.
  3. The taste is smooth and the smell is fresh.

For some new school, tasty, and potent extracts checkout the shatter, budder, or live resin.

Smooth and relaxed head high
Smooth and fresh with a little toughness to the inhale
Softer than usual, usually hard
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10 Customer Reviews

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The HASH MAN Process

The process of making hashish varies from country to country and even region to region. As a consumer you want to trust the provider and make sure that their knowledge of good hashish is correct. There’s a lot of imposters out there!

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  1. Paulette says:

    Great taste and great buzz if you don’t choke to death.

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Great product the buzz is excellent but it’s really harsh burns the throat, cough lots, the Moroccan I ordered before and along with this one is easy to fluff goes to powder almost, this one doesn’t do that and the other Moroccan is nice and mild with great taste, this one has almost a menthol taste great buzz though !

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