‘Greasy’ Ghost Bubba Rosin

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Low Med High

17 responses to “‘Greasy’ Ghost Bubba Rosin”

  1. Brad says:

    Picture is so appealing..

    I just grabbed an oz of ggb flower. I’m pretty sure it’s the sweetest bud I’ve ever come across! I said to myself…self, you have enough medicine at this point, i must resign from ordering anything more and start saving some $$ for my trip to dominican this winter…..then i came across the ggb rosin. Just the picture alone is so appealing…i had to have some and of course i can’t just order a gram! Lol…this stuff has got to be the bees knees!! Can’t wait to try it out!!

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    • Brad says:


      So incredible…the smell, taste and especially the effects….i felt like my brain was melting…lol. I didnt expect to be disappointed prior to ordering but then it arrived wrapped in bleached parchment paper. Please find a better way to ship…parchment paper degrades the rosin…glass jars or ptfe sheets would be a start. Killer rosin though…truly, well done!!

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  2. Brian says:

    Pure clean potent great tasting rosin!

    The greasy ghost bubba buds are amazing, you owe it to yourself to try them at least one time, the same goes for this heavenly nectar, it tastes clean and pure, its vapor is thick and strong both on the inhale and the exhale, the high is as good as it gets, i don’t focus a lot on extracts these days but i like to try new things from proven sources and this rosin lives up to expectations! Another amazing product from the prodigy breeders and growers of south coast!
    Get some if you can!

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  3. carl says:

    What Brian said

    Just read the review above. My feeling are the same.

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  4. christopher says:

    Garbbbbbbaaaagggeeeeee ...dont waste money oh this shit

    Had very high hopes for This resin due to the profile and reviews. First off whoever is writing the profiles for the items should got a new career choice like selling used cars.. THIS ROSIN IS ABSOLUTELY GARBAGE..
    85 % THC…..MORE LIKE 8.5 %THC

    This is my 2nd and last time buying from getwhitepalm…

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  5. Raj says:

    Great but hard to work with

    I make rosin all the time, but thought I would try South Coast’s rosin to save myself from the work. Though 70-75 bucks a gram is a bit steep. But I suppose the extra money saves you from making it yourself. I only give this rosin 4 stars for two reasons. 1) It is too sticky.. you have to use a cold surface every time you want to take a dab, which gets annoying very quickly. Sometimes even a cold surface isn’t enough, and by the time its on the dabber, you have to reheat the banger. Trust me, takes too long to get the oil off the paper… prevents me from re-ordering and just sticking to making the rosin myself. 2) You have to use quite a bit of rosin to get a good high. With the rosin I make of the same strain, mine is way more potent…. so this stuff, while its good, not that potent.

    Good if you don’t wanna make rosin yourself.. but if you are fine making your own, better off getting the flower

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  6. Jack Boyle says:

    Are These HONEST REVIEWS both negative and positive

    I have ordered this Rosin clearly from the ratings that white palm submitted rating a 97 ONLY 1 point less on the rating scale to the GBHR and $25 cheaper I have been using HCFSE HTFSE AND THCa regularly I have to shop around to get a reasonable price Elevated Extracts makes a good product that is what I will be comparing this GGBR too ! I also ordered the GREASY PINK BUBBA flower on white Palms ratings Reading some of the reviews was discouraging especially the young man who thinks he only got 8.5 % rosin seems like he has some issues with white palm But I have ordered here before and so far no disappointments If I receive a product not as advertised I would expect White Palm to Correct the issue

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  7. Lory says:

    Greasy ghost rosin

    Tasty & works but to hard to work with VERY messy

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  8. Angel says:

    Mmmm tasty

    This rosin is a must buy. The taste and smell are to die for. I had ti grab it for a second time lol. This rosin isn’t for the novice.

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  9. Jack Boyle says:


    I ordered this on Whitepalm rating !! First it looks nothing like the picture (( the picture makes it look good nothing like the real product )) I am sure if I saw how poorly it looked I would not have purchased The taste is not as advertised nor the effects the gram I received was runny more like thick water then a high priced concentrate I would very much like to send it back for a refund or credit . I am not sure how this got rated so high should be a lot less !!!

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  10. Francis says:

    Wow ?

    Tasted amazing

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  11. Josh says:

    Must try.

    I used a quartz’s nail. The flavour is fabulous. Clean, smooth hits with this stuff. With the Black Friday sale it was a heck of a deal. Even full price it’s worth a try.
    Powerful punch about 5-10 mins later. Clear headed high. The burnout id rate as a medium. Nothing a fruit smoothie won’t solve.

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  12. Thomas says:

    High times

    This rosin blew me away conpared to usually smoking shatter. Was waaaay smoother than shatter or bud and took a smaller ampunt to feel it. However i felt like the price could be cheaper or they shluld be offering some sortof sample pack for incentive. Love the smell and tatse excellent high and pain relief

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  13. Gabryel says:


    Its hard to see the difference between ghost and pink , but the ghost has more Bubba taste and effect , great relaxatiom strain but should be sold 40 $ / g nothing more

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  14. Thomas says:


    I love this rosin when combined with the hash mix. I was disapointed it was really runny but it didnt matter! :( :( so sad to see its not here abymore and no sign of restocking. Please bring back greasy ghost hash rosin 90%thc.. or step up the thc levels in this please!!!!??

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  15. Lori says:

    Nice Rosin, Poor Packaging

    Nice clean heavy hitter with a great taste, but stuck all over both sides of parchment. Very hard to deal with and scrape off parchment and then off tool. Would only order the pucks in the future I think this batch was just too gooey……

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  16. Marc-Antoine says:

    Ghost Bubba

    Exelent product good indica effects

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