Supercritical WiFi OG Vape Pen (46% THC – 0.5g)

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About the strain:
Low Med High

3 responses to “Supercritical WiFi OG Vape Pen (46% THC – 0.5g)”

  1. paul says:

    seems to be made of much better quality than other’s that I’ve tried

  2. Khoa420 says:

    This one is for ppl need to medicate during day time , your mind is clear , keep you concentrate , no red eye. Flavorful , taste much more natural then toko or phant pen . Be careful , this can hit you hard if too many buffs , so go easy on it untill you’ll find the right amount buff you’ll need . Fill up your frig before vaping ! It will make you hungry !! YES! HUNGRY!! Not that munchy munchy feeling , it really make you hungry . Perfect for lost appetite. Also good muscles relaxation . 4 1/2 stars for the price .

  3. Matt says:

    This was a very enjoyable high, great for just relaxing.
    Had no problem with the pen at all.

    5* rating

  4. dany says:

    tres bon produit

    tres bon produits mais une vape jetable as ce prix ca pourais etre mieux , vape recharjable
    mais tres bon extract

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  5. Johnny B. says:

    Pretty good, a little pricey compared to other pens

    Found I really had to pull hard in order to get a draw, flavour was ok, not as good as the cartridges you can buy from SC with the higher amounts of THC, buzz is good though and more responsive than the flavoured pie pens, but considerably higher price too

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  6. Aysia says:

    Amazing daytime strain

    Delightful high

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