Supercritical Girl Scout Cookies Refill Cartridge (82% THC)

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About the strain:
Low Med High

10 responses to “Supercritical Girl Scout Cookies Refill Cartridge (82% THC)”

  1. Mohamad says:

    Its ok. i used it with the variable pen. the effects are evident in less inhalation than that of the electric pen with less %. 1 advantage is using the variable pen. it really accommodates different tastes. lower voltage for more taste and higher voltage for a stronger hit. Overall not worth the 80$. i would say 50$ is a fair price. another advantage to the refit cartridge is the less maintenance and set up effort and time. Screw the cartridge on to the pen and its ready to go. When its finished, you throw it away. no cleaning no hassle.

  2. Mohamad says:

    same as i said before. I’m just putting the star rating

  3. robert says:

    cant wait to get mine in should be as good as the bud is iam in for a treat

  4. Valentine says:


    I love GSC flowers. GSC gives me a sparkle in creativity often expressed by being to talkative. It makes me happy. Well, GSC in concentrate form gives me some of that but it is kinda of muted. Don’t get me wrong because this is strong stuff and 3 draws, sit back and enjoy the two hour ride. The high has a clinical feel to it … get what I mean?

    I also have the Toko GSC but the South Coast is a bit stronger. Well, the THC percentage speaks for themselves. The South Coast GSC is thicker and you will need the South Coast pen with higher voltage to get the most out of it. The Toko pens work on South Coast cartridge especially with the Toko pre-heat function. But, the South Coast higher voltage seems better for the thicker concentrate.

    It is 5 Star because it delivers what I want from it. 5 pulls and bye bye.

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  5. Aysia says:

    love it

    gsc seems to be my favourite strain lately and this did not disappoint! a little goes a long way, and it’s very easy to over indulge, but boy oh boy is it a treat!!

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  6. Rod says:


    Wow, I must say, some of the nicest tasting vape I’ve tried, worth a go. 2 blasts and ur on ur way!

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  7. Denis says:

    Return purchase!!!

    This should be a standard in your medicinal stash box! Great concentrate, hits hard!

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  8. Tyler says:

    Southcoast solid as always

    Everything you want in a vape!

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  9. Eric says:

    Very tasty for the price!

    Ladies and Gents, this is your very mellow, yet functioning buzz :) Hope this helps!

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  10. Sheryl says:


    Smooth. Great vape. Nice design. Quick effect ?

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  11. Bradley says:

    My first

    Lost my vaping virginity to this strain and I’m in love. Totally worth it and the taste is unreal.

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  12. Denis says:

    Great herb, kicks you in the like a lot!

    Love this stuff…..

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  13. ROB says:


    Pretty good taste. Almost a little like hash. Mellow buzz for sure. I was looking for something a little stronger but this is nice for relaxing on the couch and munching out at the end of the day. Pretty pricy compared to other distillate carts but it seems to be good quality stuff without a bunch of junk added.

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