Space Queen CO2 HONEY OIL

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Low Med High

8 responses to “Space Queen CO2 HONEY OIL”

  1. Tyler says:

    good taste and good combo between body high and a head high

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  2. Angel says:

    Full of flavour

    Honey oil is my favourite kind of oil, and this particular oil is amazing. I suffer from depression, anxiety, p.t.s.d, insomnia, pain issues and lack of appetite and this honey oil works like a charm.

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  3. Akeela says:


    i liked this one it had a good taste and had a good smell and buzz would get again

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  4. Aysia says:

    great product

    love it

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  5. Brian says:

    Weak honey oil with an unnatural flavor.

    Flavor 5/10 tastes like vaping buckleys cough syrup, very weak vapor inhaling and exhaling, tastes unnatural…processed…manufactured.
    Active effects 5/10 the weakest high i ever had from honey oil, not much of anything going on, no good for pain or sleep issues, this stuff feels like it was made for a tobacco vape…
    Overall 5/10 NOT impressed, awful fake tasting weak oil, i would not recommend or repurchase, there are way better options.
    I do like the dispenser that it comes in and 1ml. seems like enough to fill 2 or 3 1 gram vials…maybe not but there is a lot there, if it was a better strain/oil i think i would be happy.
    I would try another oil made with a better strain from this supplier one more time as i’m sure it was the strain that turned me off…i wanted lemon or grape kush but neither were in stock.

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  6. Stu says:


    Of all the honey oil I have had, and that’s a fair amount, this is probably my all around favorite of them all. Hits very hard and has a nice uplifting feeling, lasts long and I can still function mostly on it. Eases a bit of pain as well. I also have no problem with the flavour of Space Queen. I use this oil in a Puma Mini Kit vape pen with a C18 atomizer and a magnetic ring. With heavy use I go through about half a syringe a week or 35 bucks week. Lighter use a syringe will last 3 weeks. Love this oil

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  7. Thomas says:

    Cheaper price?

    Would like to see more quarry honey oil based products with lerhaps better pricing and bulk quantities

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  8. Dwight says:

    Its the Queen

    Taste is amazing i found not like cough syrup but more like Pez the candy. So far its been one of my favorite i consumed it rather fast and would recommend it, could use a bit bigger punchbut overall im satisified.

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