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About the strain:
Low Med High

Taste tradition, taste Star Afghan Hash. This is the real deal, no fakes. A great everyday hashish.

Another SUPREME medium soft Afghani import. The Star Afghan Hash is a smoooooooth and creamy smoke on the inhale with a soft throat tingle on the exhale. Again, a nice soft import that will be a welcome addition to anyone’s line up. Thank the Hashman once you try it out.

This is one of Dean’s favorite hashes and trust us, he has tried quite a few. Not the smoothest or the strongest, but a really nice all round OLD SCHOOL hash.

Very sweet, minty chocolate, and earthy hash aroma. Firm and good for crumbling into a bong hit / bottle toke or moulding into little joint worms. A very nice relaxing high that comes with heady effects and a mellow body buzz – definitely effective stress relief. If you are looking for a real traditional hash experience then we would definitely recommend this one.

In fact, it’s similar to Kabul or Diamond just a little smoother and not quite as potent.

THC: 39%

CBD: 3%

Checkout our other very popular Gold Seal Afghani hash.

About the vendor:


9 Customer Reviews

Na, na, na, na, na, na Hash Man! Hash Man is here to satisfy all of your hashish needs. Buying hash online just got easy as you can always depend on Hash Man’s hashish to be real, authentic, and of the highest quality in the world.

Hash is an art and it is one of the longest standing cannabis tradition on our planet. The Hash Man brings nothing but real hashish, using traditional methods, promising a true and unique experience each time.

Whether you are looking for Afghani Hash, Moroccan Hash, Lebanese Hash, Charas Hash, and Kashmiri Hash and all of the varieties from said region, Hash Man has you covered.

The HASH MAN Process

The process of making hashish varies from country to country and even region to region. As a consumer you want to trust the provider and make sure that their knowledge of good hashish is correct. There’s a lot of imposters out there!

Hash Man not only produces domestic bubble hash, Hash Man also brings you the highest quality, most sought after, and most rare Hashish in the world.

9 responses to “Star Afghan Hash”

  1. Sylvie Gaudreau says:

    pas très fort...

    Plutôt faible comme buzz…

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  2. Shawn says:


    Nice and smooth, easy to work with. Mellow focused high

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  3. Geoff says:

    HashMan Star Afghan Hash

    Definitely a fantastic way to wind down the day with! Good taste. Nice “ chilled out “ feelings with this product.

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  4. Chris Campanella says:

    Tasty n smooth

    Expensive but so nice to smoke. Gotta smoke lots to have it hit hard though. I liked how mild it was for myself. Good stuff!

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  5. Casey Lloyd says:

    Shining “Star” Afghan Hash

    Wonderful flavour. Burns smoothly and evenly. I can smoke this stuff all day!!! Great old skool hot knives must!!

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  6. Timothy Fullmer says:

    real deal

    reminds me of years in beginning of the Russian conflict , good quality hashish

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  7. Colby Eagles says:


    So stoned right now from some hot knifes it truly beautiful! Going to kick back and see how this starts my day!!!!

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  8. Pierre says:

    Wake & Bake

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    This Hash is perfect for waking up!
    Smoke a Bong first thing in the morning and away you go with a smile
    What a way to wake up
    Nice texture that works well good buzz for the price TY!

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  9. Curtis says:

    Not to bad

    I didnt care for the taste to much but not a bad buzz. I would stick with gold seal from now on

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