Kandy Kush Resin Crumble

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About the strain:
Low Med High

One response to “Kandy Kush Resin Crumble”

  1. Andrew Norman says:

    this is amzing. dab’s

  2. Brian says:

    Candy kush resin crumble from stratus is a nice treat, i rarely bother with extracts but i like a nice crumble once in a while, i vape this stuff in a herbalaire on top of a layer of shake to prevent residue from melting down into the oven at 375 degrees, it vapes nice strong thick delicious vapor and takes good care of any pain you might have! The flavor and aroma are exceptional and the high is hard hitting and most enjoyable.

    I can imagine it will also be very nice mixed with some ground up bud in the pax vaporizer, i’ll try that when i go fishing tomorrow.

    I recommend taking it for a ride at least once, i’m glad that i did.

  3. Brian says:

    To add to my earlier review,
    This resin crumble is also incredible out of my yocan evolve plus atomizer, it hits hard and strong and tastes as great as the resin smells, a couple dabs of this resin and your good to go!

  4. Aysia says:

    Great product

    Great taste performs great

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