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About the strain:
Low Med High

12 responses to “Super Skunk”

  1. Randy says:

    Super Skunk

    Nice rich smoke, pungent in the bag. Little leaf and strong relaxer. Smoked this strain in the 90’s in Amsterdam and it’s cousin varieties in Jamaica. Excellent.

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  2. Tracy says:

    Can’t wait to try it

  3. david says:

    One of my favorites you wont be dissapointed great taste and smell, calmed me right down!!! great service thank you Dean and everyone at WP

  4. Étienne says:

    Wow this skunk is tha shit , the taste is insane and the bud look insane too ! Its the first strain i buyed here and i love it ! 9 on 10 like i said 《 c’est de la bombe ! 》can’t go wrong with that.

  5. Dylan says:

    The bud has a pungent skunky aroma the moment i opened my package from gwp my car was flooded with skunk. Everytime i open my jar my nan smells the product from across the whole house. I vaped some of this weed definatly not for beginers it will put you out after 3 bowls very heavy stone behind the eyes the bud is a little leafy but thats the only con i would say thanks gwp

  6. patrick says:

    Hummmmmm !!!!

    he taste and the smell was soooooo good, but hard to hide :)

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  7. James says:

    I love skunk…stinky weeds allways good..good work guys and Gals.

  8. Daniel says:

    New favourite for sure! Heavy high that calms my chronic back pain and gives me a fantastic sleep. Will buy again for sure.

  9. Jean-Robert says:

    For real Smoker !

    **I Always Use a Volcano Vaporiser, using 0.25g/Bag. ** !!!!!! OMG !!!!!! When i saw it, i was excited. The weed Smell like real Skuck strain and a heavy one still Smell like ‘humidity’. This one Vapor a lot of smoke… very surprising, the taste are so OMG strong and tough.. Not a real good taste .. but Totally destroy ! If you vape it take it slow ^^ BUT this one Need to be try at least one time, just for the smeel, the big buzz and off course can say to a Officer, its just a Big Super Skunk i just hit ^^

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  10. Eric says:

    name says it all!

    A1 people, very high, almost body buzz feeling

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  11. Mike says:

    Has a great taste and a great stone. Very nice Buds. Had some at 2 grams. I like the big buds. Smell very nice just in the bag. Definitely one of my favs

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  12. Mike says:

    Phew :-)

    Love the smell and taste of this. Reminds me of the days whne there was skunnk going around here. There some skunks out there that doesn’t seem llike true skunk to me. this be one of my fav strains, right up there with purple candy. Very nice buds as well. And quite clean

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  13. Liam says:

    This was such a sweet vape. The first whiff of the bag I knew I would enjoy . Old school skunk taste with a bit of sweetness or something. Delicious . I fuckin loved this strain wish I grabbed more

  14. Ashley says:

    I can NOT wait until you have more stock on this strain! Sooooo long lasting! Top 5 Strain for myself! Plz Whitepalm, get your hands on more of this beautiful girl!

  15. Corey says:


    Everything looks exactly how its depicted you feel the high instantly it has a mixture of different fruit flavors Amazing strain well done also its super sticky with a nice citrus smell and grape fruit aftertaste

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  16. Denis says:

    Good tasting stuff!

    luv this med. Excellent strain, this gotta be top shelf!

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  17. Glen says:

    Top shelf 100%

    Amazing all around great bag appeal real strong stanky delicous smell .i llove the skunk so this was perfect for me great buzz wish i got more

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  18. Francis says:

    Nice skunk but for 1st Time i see mold in the middle off the big bud ... ?

    Nice skunk but little mold in big bud 3.5 g for the garbadge ?

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  19. Kris Kiraly says:


    I really like this one !!! It was sold out the same day i got it last time so i couldnt write my review…just ordered it again . the look smell taste are all amazing ! My top 3 of all time for sure:)

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  20. Corey says:

    This strain is very cerebral I got nice head high that carried on to becoming a nice couch lock high the smell is very skunky the taste is very Citrus and spicy recommended for evening use

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