Blue Dream Vape Refill (0.6g)

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About the strain:
Low Med High

Get your weed hit discreetly and efficiently with these brand new Paradise THC distillate refills. With 100% natural terpene flavor, this Blue Dream Vape Refill extract will blow your mind.

The Paradise THC Distillate Refill is discrete, convenient and pack a good punch of THC Distillate. Paradise distillate pens are mixed with terpenes (all natural flavor essence) and are available in a variety of different strains, including the Blue Dream Vape Refill.

Each vape refill provides you with over 100 draws of natural THC and most users require 1-3 draws per dose. Each pen contains 560 milligrams of super fine product.

Blue Dream Vape Refill Info:

500 milligrams of product of which 448 milligrams is 93.47% THC distillate and the rest is cannabis based terpenoids.

Upgraded cartridge hardware (this is why we have selected to carry these, we were close to giving up on disposables because of the failure rate!)

Around 80 inhalations per cartridge

Fragrance notes: Earthy, Sweet, Vanilla


Prepare yourself for a very upbeat stone. You won’t need a ton of puffs before you’ve felt too many so start off with 1-3 puffs, erfect for everyday use.

What is Pure THC Distillate?

Because of the extended extraction and refinement process, as well as advanced machinery needed to produce THC distillates, it’s no surprise that they are a little more expensive than the Phant pens for those of you who love those. The extreme level of purity and potency cannot be compared to different concentrates like BHO, which is why we think every concentrate connoisseur should give them a try and let us know what you think.

Chil, Relax, Pain
About the vendor:


The best THC Distillate vape pens in the World.
1 Customer Reviews

All of our THC Distillate Vape Pens have 560 milligrams of product of which 448 milligrams is 92% distillate and the rest is all-natural terpenoids. Locally made in BC by true industry people.

One response to “Blue Dream Vape Refill (0.6g)”

  1. Brandon Abel says:

    Nothing like the picture

    It comes as a refill cartridge for the 510 threading pens. It was amazing stuff hits hard. You fell it after one hit, this has been by far the best blue dream yet. I love this brand going to try them all!!!

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