THC Gummy Bears

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Low Med High

5 responses to “THC Gummy Bears”

  1. Melissa says:

    They look small, but pack a nice little punch. 1 didn’t seem to be enough to really feel any effects. 2 or 3 (taken in 15 – 20 min intervals) ended up being a really good time. Super mellow and plenty of giggles. The flavour isn’t bad. The fruit flavours don’t come through as much as the cannabis, however. Overall, it’s a really nice product. Would like to see them in a 20 – 25 mg option.

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  2. Aysia says:


    tasty and perfect for dosing. gave me a solid buzz that lasted about 4 hours.

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  3. Dustin says:

    Melted bears

    So when I ordered these gummies it was very hot outside and by the time they got them they were all melted together and no real way of knowing how much stuck to the package and I had to take like three bears to get a good buzz I’ll be waiting until summer is over before giving them another try

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  4. Glen says:

    Tastes okay, nice high, weird texture

    The flavour is okay, maybe a bit weedy, but i enjoy that. The high is nice, on the the mild side i.e. start with at least two, but i really recommend three. The only thing i didn’t like was the strange texture but they’re tiny enough to swallow like pills.

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  5. Matthew says:

    Good for sleep

    I can’t give a great review for these because edibles really just don’t affect me. But my girlfriend sure loved them. They were kinda stuck together a bit because it was warm, but I’ve seen worse haha. She also liked the idea that they were vegan!! But makes it kind of an odd texture.

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