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About the strain:
Low Med High

Tuna Kush is a British Columbian trophy strain. It is said to be a pheno of the legendary Hindu Kush.

Tuna Kush is a BC legend that is now surfacing in North American medical cannabis markets across the United States and Canada. The best things in life always spread their wings and soar! The reason Quality Cannabis Co. has named this one the ‘Juicy’ Tuna Kush is because of it’s incredible sticky ickyness that their grows produce.

This strain has been deemed one of the most potent available, producing fluffy yet dense nuggies that are hard-caked with trichomes… just wait until you feel the stickyness of these buds.

Although Tuna Kush is not known for its large yield, what does come off these thinner stalks will be rich with potency and flavour. The flavour is reminiscent of skunky diesel. It’s a strong one.

The smell has hints of skunk but also a little lingering note of tuna. Hence the name! This bud is incredibly stinky so be prepared to get knocked back once you take a whiff of the open bag.

Lastly, this Tuna Kush has some nice and happy cerebral effects that make your body feel relaxed without being too sleepy. Although, please do not expect to get much done with your day once you enjoy a bong rip or joint. Except eat. You’ll eat a lot.

Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy
Stress, Depression, Lack of Appetite, Pain
About the vendor:


Rare cannabis genetics specialists.
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Quality Cannabis is a cannabis growing group from the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. The team at Quality Cannabis focuses on home-grown strains by experimenting with certain aspects of the genetics of the plants. There is always something new around the corner. Strain examples: Purple Comatose OG, Sensi Rockstar, Tangie, Burmese Kush, and Nebula.

Quality Cannabis caters to all cannabis connoisseur palettes.

28 responses to “Tuna Kush”

  1. Paul says:

    Tuna Kush on steroids

    This is real euphoria! Love this.

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  2. Jared says:

    Fresh Fish

    This is good smoke, a bit fresh tho! Only got a Q and the buds were on the small size but this is a favourite of mine for a long time now. Love tuna

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  3. Brian says:


    Appearance 7.5/10 DO NOT BE DECEIVED! Hiding behind it’s humble appearance there lies a heavenly surprise awaiting those willing to look deeper than the surface! Small dense super sticky dark green nuggets with below average looking crystal BUUUUT those with an eye for the special strains will easily recognize it as a GEM!
    Aroma 11/10 strong thick dank kushy sweet aroma that induces excitement at what’s to come in the flavor and effects departments!
    Flavor 12/10 AMAZING! Thick strong powerful vapor that tastes like fresh finger hash, strong on the inhale and strong on the exhale, this stuff is like smoking fresh high grade blonde hash! It is among the greatest flavors i have ever had the pleasure of consuming.
    Active effects 11/10 DEVASTATING! This stuff hits as hard as any strain you can come up with, crushing both your body and mind in a blissful state of well being, great for pain and sleep issues, a perfect night time trophy strain!
    Overall 11/10 SO DAMN GOOD!, this is a strain i would order an ounce of every 2 weeks for the rest of my life, please keep it around white palm!
    LOVE IT.

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  4. Angel says:


    Absolutely an amazing smoke. Perfect for anxiety, p.t.s.d, depression, o.c.d, insomnia, pain management, and lack of appetite. This is unlike any other strain I’ve ever smoked. Definitely worth every penny and recommending to everyone.

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  5. Mike says:

    By far not the best tuna

    I’ve had a beautiful tuna kush before, it came in a can and was absolutely beautiful bud, it was along the lines of the greasy pink as far as quality, bag appeal and clean smoke with a strong high, this was not that. The bud’s are very void of any crystal at all unless you look close under a light. The smell is okay, smell’s similar to a bubba type smell but fairly mild. I’ve only smoked the one joint of this so far as it’s so wet i need to dry it out, i think the description confused sticky ickyness with wetness. Desciption is fairly over-hyped as far as I’am concerned. Tuna can be a legend if you have the right pheno. I rolled a rather large joint today and after playing with the bud a bit i had no real stickyness on my fingers. We’ve all had sticky bud, where you play with a bud a little and your finger’s are glued together, i don’t get that with this at all. I feel bad leaving abd review’s as White Palm is an awesome company with some real fire but this strain just wasn’t very impressive. I would definitely be asking the grower’s to dry the bud out to a proper level as well. I’ve had to dry out a few strains.

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  6. Randy says:

    Full Pull Tuna

    Nice buds, nose and full pull flavour. I look for a heavy exhale when strain hunting. Good rep of tuna Strong indica.

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  7. Fernando says:

    Mmmm tuna :)

    The taste and smell are amazing, I only ordered a 1/8 to try and loved it,

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  8. Geoff says:

    Great stuff, but...

    First time I’ve tried a Tuna Kush but I’m really liking it as an early evening smoke. Uplifting enough to not exactly be couch locking, but definitely mellow enough that you probably won’t be doing much (productively) after. Despite not showing a ton of crystal it is definitely super sticky, and stinky. The only problem, at least with the batch I got, is that it seems pretty wet and not fully dried. Smokes fine in a vaporizer though, and it’s still nice and smooth.

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  9. Aysia says:


    a pretty solid strain. if you’re a fan of tuna strains you should give this one a go for sure. amazing high.

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  10. Olivier Tomb says:

    Juicy Tuna

    Got this one as a sample and I have to say it was better than what I had ordered. Great taste, meditating high. 4/5

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  11. Justin says:


    Great herb, a bit chokey. Smell is great as well as taste. Hybrid high.

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  12. Brooklyne says:

    Great bud

    Loved it! Ordered it twice now.. probably will be a third time in the near future.
    Found this as good , if not better then the greasy pink I got in today.

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  13. Tab says:


    This is by far my favourite ever!!!
    The high is amazing- no couch lock.
    Massive laughter fits. Betty white goes hand and hand with this bud!
    The Munchie are huge!!! Be prepared, folks

    The burn is clean and yes, it’s a strong scent but it’s delicious!!!
    Recommended for sure!!!

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  14. Josh says:


    Buds are super dense, sticky and juicy. Smell and taste is distinct and on point. Chill buzz to go with an evening meal.

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  15. Brett says:

    Great taste, great high

    Good stuff here, smells and tastes great. Can’t go wrong with this juicy tuna! Give it a try! Thank me later! And thank WhitePalm and the grower for a great product! Two thumbs up!

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  16. Brendan says:

    Thank god it dont taste like tuna

    Very effective medicine at inducing appetite. It was a little harsh for my lungs. But over all a good bud with a next to excellent taste. I advise u to buy.

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  17. Austin says:


    was good, better when dried out isn’t as smelly as described.

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  18. Kevin says:

    my number 2

    My 2nd fav next to romulan, again good relaxing couch lock buzz best for the evenings

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  19. Kris says:

    Very nice!

    I was iffy about getting this stuff I love Tina kush but not a big fan of quality cannabis as a grower. Wow did they ever prove me wrong here !!! The nugs are big and sticky and smell amazing …very stinky and pungent!!! 5 stars for sure

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  20. Jared says:


    But on the fresh side, sticky and stinky! Bag looks smaller due to being fresher. Gonna leave bag open and let it crisp up a bit. Dense buds, good stone! Tuna is a great strain

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  21. JP Valeriote says:

    BINGO trifecta!

    Tuna Kush is like pizza and sex…even when it’s only average it’s still really good ;)
    THIS BATCH however is WAY ABOVE average and hits the bingo trifecta with perfect levels of euphoria, happiness and relaxation. Great for day or night use and beware – these sticky buds lock the grinder real quick. Great strain, great batch, great bud – nice work Quality Canna. Thanks for supplying this GWP.

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  22. JP Valeriote says:

    Had to...

    Had to get more. This stuff is just too good.

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  23. Brandon Hayden says:

    Sticky icky

    This one is a strong and good smoke,definitely worth the price,nice and sticky and stinky

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  24. JP Valeriote says:

    EVEN stickier..

    TOP quality tuna. Even stickier than the last bag. Primo bud man.

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  25. Evan M. says:

    Tuna Kush review

    This bud came to me looking like very generic and its quality was not clear to me until I cracked into the bud. Inside were nice golden trichomes with a full bouquet of fruity aromas and I dunno this smell of like a forest or the crisp milky air at the beach. If this weed was grown in the Rockies , it for sure captured some of that smell like ‘of the seas’ . I dunno, maybe that’s why they call it Tuna Kush. The high was great, it was very strong. I rolled a pinner initially and it’s potency was impressive. I dab all day and really appreciate this Tuna kush. I prefer when the trichomes are mature and have turned to that amber color. This weed was given the time to reach that maturity and I loved the character of this one. The high was euphoric and light, trippy. Great weed if you wanna laugh.

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  26. Shawn says:


    Solid looking, smell and taste fine. Nice smoke, great body buzz and chill indica high.

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  27. Gregory Ratelle says:

    Smells amazing!

    The smell is amazing!!! The look is nothing special. Burns clean and tastes good to. Definitely the one bud out of the three I bought that I would buy again.

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  28. Gregory Ratelle says:

    This is pure gold.

    This is my all time favorite. Best taste and burns as clean as it gets.

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