White Cheese

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Low Med High

10 responses to “White Cheese”

  1. Liam says:

    My half z came in two huge buds and a couple nugs. Beautiful looking bud shame to break it ! Nice musky cheese smell. Taste just like it smells. My bud didn’t like it to each there own I love the cheese taste! Really feel this buzz in the eyes personally . So relaxing. Nice

  2. negative_1 says:

    Cheese has been one of my faves since trying it in Amsterdam years ago, and this did not disappoint! When i saw this was available I had to make an order. Initial smell is widow dominant, but when i started to break up the bud (one massive nug!) that odd, musky smell of old cheddar and feet hit me, and i couldn’t stop smiling! Beautiful buds, beautiful smell, and a wonderful high.

  3. Quan says:

    Who doesn't like Cheese?

    Pretty much what Liam said on May 3rd. Huge buds and it smelled like cheese!

    There is a great body buzz and you totally feel it in your eyes.

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  4. James says:

    Nice Bud…It dose the trick and nice smoke…thanks.

  5. mrsjackson401 says:

    So far,White Cheese is my fav! Great for a daytime smoke, gives me a clear head and ambition to get things done. LOVE CHEESE <3

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  6. shane says:

    This batch was really nicely cured aND trimmediately. Looks great smells awful. The high is to be expected not to strong bit still an all around nice high.

  7. Jake says:

    Nice bud!

    Love this strain! Burns really nice and has a nice taste to it. The high is as expected and the smell is very strong, everything you could ask for.
    Thanks WP!

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  8. marc-antoine says:

    big bud

    a very nice ultra hairy bud ! taste and smell on point

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  9. Chad says:

    crazy smell

    this stuff is crazy and the name doesnt lie its STINKS LIKE CHEESE

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  10. Claudia says:

    What a great taste! And the bud is so beautiful with the orange hairs in it that stand out

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  11. James says:

    Mmmmm Delicious

    The huge stinky buds from this plant are some of the fluffiest I have ever seen in my life. Smells like a certain type of cheese but I still can’t figure out exactly which one it smells like yet. Maybe a softer cheese such as a brie or ricotta? Either way this is a beautiful strain that I would recommend to anyone with a loss of appetite. Like it says in the description: White Cheese makes you so damn hungry – 100% true.

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  12. michael says:

    Cheese is on Fire!

    Kootenay is bringing it as usual (best grower here imo). It comes as advertised. Euphoric and pleasant high with a perceptible (albeit slight) body buzz. Very relaxing and uplifting (and not too overpowering where you couldn’t do something if you needed to). Thanks WP and Kootenay!

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  13. Dylan says:

    Really nice bud structure stinks of cheese not my thing but lots of people like this a very potent smoke it tastes better than smells imo its heavy hitting i was mtbiking and this was a great strain in the forest thanks wp
    Ps this review coming in late

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  14. Gabryel says:

    Old memories !

    That was a decent UNIQUE strain . I miss that strain so much

    Taste : 7/10 (taste anazing but could have got a taste , very smooth thought)

    Looks : 10/10 easilly distinctable from other flowers

    Potency : 8/10 really smooth Then Couchlock

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