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About the strain:
Low Med High

Zkittlez Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid that erupts with fruit flavor. This is a cross between Zkittlez and Wedding Cake.

Zero Ave. has created a very dynamic strain: Zkittlez Cake

Zkittlez Cake combines the mental and physical effects of both parent strains to yield a smooth, multifaceted high.

Like its namesake, this strain offers you the opportunity to taste the rainbow but in cake format. As it turns out Zkittlez Cake also lets you see a rainbow. Just look at the nug with its beautiful colours.

Although the effects come on relatively quickly, its head-focused effects tend to be subtle. Some slight pressure around the eyes and temples may occur at first. Then, fun experiences like visual and auditory distortions are commonly reported, as is a strange feeling of time passing more slowly.

Also, you may notice that your thoughts have taken on a newly plugged-in quality, with certain ideas seeming to occupy more space or attention than they otherwise might. This kind of cerebral energy can be a great way to work on detailed tasks, whether they’re complicated or more mundane, like cleaning the house.

Then the body effects come on which complement these mentally-activating effects. While this newfound relaxation won’t knock you on your back, they do really relax you. So get your to-do list done beforehand!

Relaxed, Focused, Social
Stress, Depression, ADHD
About the vendor:
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The names of premium marijuana growers are heavily-guarded secrets both in the United States and abroad so it is our pleasure to introduce you to one of them! Please welcome Zero Ave. to the WhitePalm family.

The ZERO AVE. Process

Zero Ave. only grows rare and AAAA+ premium marijuana in very small batches. Their premium marijuana roster includes Blue Coma, Annihilator Kush, and Green Crack. Most of which are literally made by them. You won’t find these flowers anywhere else in the world.

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