Infused pre rolls are becoming increasingly popular in states and provinces that have legalized cannabis. They offer a high-quality cannabis experience that is not available in other forms of cannabis products. In addition to cannabis flower, an infused pre roll might feature concentrates like kief, hash, rosin, live resin or even THC diamonds.

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What is an infused pre roll?

Pre rolls have gained in popularity in recent years, as they offer a convenient and straightforward way to consume cannabis. Infused pre rolls are a hybrid form of pre rolled joint, as the addition or infusion of concentrates either inside the joint, on the outside paper, or a combination of both is common. Some of the more common concentrates found in infused pre- olls include hash, wax, and live rosin, and the options are endless.

Why choose infused pre rolls?

For some, an infused pre roll may spice up a stagnant smoking routine, or it can act as a celebratory indulgence for a special occasion.

Infused pre rolls are a great choice for people with a higher tolerance, as they provide a bit more kick than regular pre- olled joints. Additionally, they are great for joint lovers, as they provide a variety of flavors and smells to choose from. They are also time-saving, as they require little preparation other than smoking.

The popularity of infusing cannabis into pre rolls is due to the many benefits that this practice provides. Infused pre rolls level up the experience and pack more of a punch than a regular joint with the same ready-to-smoke convenience factor. Infused pre rolls can also be enjoyed in a variety of ways, making them perfect for anyone looking to step up their smoking experience.