Sativa strains is one of the two main types of the cannabis plant, the other being Indica.

It’s known for it’s more uplifting effects that promote creativity, energy and focus. When you order Sativa strains online from WhitePalm know that all the flowers here are grown in BC and without the use of pesticides.  This ensures that you’re getting the best and safest weed Canada has to offer.

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Sativa Strains

The tropical, tall, creative sister of the Indica strain, Sativa weed offer a door into a different world. Boasting effects to boost creativity with an aptly named cerebral high this is the strain for artists or anyone who is looking for a little help getting out of a creative rut with a little “Out of the Box” thinking.

Sativa Cannabis – Online Canada

But beware when ordering Sativa cannabis online in Canada that it may not have the heavy sedating effects of an Indica strain BUT it still can be of help to sufferers of chronic pain and muscle spasms. Just look for a Sativa with high THC content. There are actually a lot of Sativa strains that are more potent than Indica or Hybrid strains.

In fact for a lot of medical marijuana users Saliva’s are preferred to manage their chronic pain as it can be used during the day without interfering too much with their daily routines. The last thing you wanna do when you have a big day with lots of responsibilities is smoke a bowl of a heavy Indica and pass out on your couch!

Sativa Bud Characteristics

The Sativa bud is a tall lanky shrub pushing up to around 10 feet tall at full maturity as opposed to Indica’s stunted height of 4-5 feet. Everything about its physical characteristics are stretched out, from its long thin buds and leaves to the overall branch structure. Given its size it’s typically grown outdoors where the climate allows which leads to its availability to be somewhat limited.

Sativa bud characteristics actually make it much harder to grow and the yields are smaller than Indica strains. Finding top shelf Sativa is quite difficult… if you’re not WhitePalm. Buy sativa strains is easy with the grower and strain offering we have. On a regular day we’ll have 10+ sativa strains available for you to choose and try.

Here at WhitePalm we go the extra mile to make sure we always have some high quality Sativa flowers in stock because we know that not everyone is the same when it comes to weed, not everyone loves heavy sedating Indicas, and we get that.

Sativa vs Indica

This is a debate that has gone on for centuries. What is the difference between Sativa vs Indica?

To be completely honest – only the origin of the flower type is the difference due to how custom genetics are now-a-days. Throughout history people have always thought that a Sativa strain is upbeat and an Indica flower is a chiller and more potent. But as you will see when you experience these flowers for yourself, the terpene profile and other cannabinoid content has a lot of say in the effects you feel. For example, there could be a Sativa strain that has more potent effects than an Indica flower or vice versa.

In conclusion, typically an Indica will refer to a potent flower with pain numbing effects and potent stone. Whereas a Sativa strain will embody focused and energetic effects.