Indica strains is the classic strain of weed that most people are familiar with. It’s known for it’s sedating effects which lend well to use in the evening to relax and help you sleep. Here you’ll find a wide range of Indica flowers to order online, from the classic Kush to the exotic Greasy Pink Bubba.

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Indica Strains

Originally hailing from the sub-tropical misty Hindu Kush Mountains of India the humble Indica weed is your ticket to a relaxing session that’s perfect for winding down after a long day.  It’s a short stocky bush of a plant that packs a punch… some more than others. Pure Indica strains will have a tightly packed flower structure which you can see in their densely clustered buds when trimmed. So when you buy cannabis Indica online you’ll see a higher amount of Trichomes which will contribute to the classical “caked” or “frosty” look that is associated with a high quality Indica Strain.

By “caked” we mean thick blankets of THC trichomes.

WhitePalm has a wide selection of small batch, pesticide free and high quality BC bud to choose from so you’ll never run out of new Indica strains to order online in Canada. From mid-range budget strains to the mighty quads, we got what you need. Whether you just want to get locked to the couch for a Netflix binge or in need of a little relief from chronic pain or even if you need something to help you sleep. These flowers are not suggested for anyone looking to be productive during the daytime, they have a heavy sedating effect so please don’t operate any vehicles or heavy machinery.

Indica vs Sativa

Now let’s chat about the generational debate concerning Indica vs Sativa weed. The biggest difference is the origin of the plants and the appearance. The effects can vary. Meaning, you can have Indica weed that is less potent than some Sativa weed.

In regards to the appearance, cannabis Indica is short and stalky but very dense. Sativas are taller and more whispy. So, in the dry and cured version of an Indica weed you can expect dense and caked. For Sativas you can expect longer nugs and less dense, more whips… king of like a cat tale.

Indica vs Sativa High

This is a hard comparison due to the above mentioned in that some Sativa strains are much more potent than Indica stains. Effects are really dependent on the full profile of the plant: including cannabinoid profile and terp profile. It is not as easy as saying “indica strains knock you out and sativa strains lift you up”. So have fun while you experiment with finding the right strain for your needs!