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From the simple disposable THC vape pens to CBD vape pen refills that are reusable we got it all. Here you’ll find the full range of vape pen products we have to offer with refill cartridges, batteries and full starter kits containing both. The majority of pens here use the 510 thread on the batteries and cartridges so you can mix and match or bring your own as long as it uses the 510 thread to connect the cartridge to the battery. The only ones that require a different battery unit are the Juul pods.

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Weed Vape Pens Canada, what you need to know

Vaporization of cannabis is recently gaining increasing popularity among health-concerned users looking for an easy and discreet way to consume Cannabis. A wide variety of devices are available to let users vaporize flower as well as a concentrated form of cannabis. The biggest benefit of vaping weed is that it is healthier as compared to smoking as vapor does not release any carcinogenic chemicals or tar that is generally produced while smoking. Portable devices like weed pens allow discreet, convenient use as vapor creates a fairly mild smell. These vape pens are easy to carry in a purse or pocket which is perfect if you’re out at an event or just on the street.

What are THC Vape Pen Canada?

Weed vape pens are a kind of vaporizer specially designed to allow the vaporization of cannabis oils and distillates. They are known as weed pens because of their pen-style shape and compact design. A vape pen generally consists of two components – a battery and a cartridge. Batteries can be button or buttonless, small or large, rectangular or cylindrical. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit individual preferences. The cartridge is made up of a heating element, a chamber and a mouthpiece. The heating element gets activated with the help of the battery. Cannabis oil or concentrate drawn onto the heating element with the help of a wick to produce vapor and inhale. To get the right THC vape pen Canada for your requirements, you should consider a number of factors before making the purchase. Read below.

Vaping Vs Smoking Weed – What are the Differences?

The most important difference between vaping and smoking is that vaporization does not burn your weed. Instead, it heats it to a specific temperature to activate the cannabinoids and release them in the form of a vapour that you can inhale. As you don’t inhale smoke like you do with a joint, vaping has some health benefits over smoking. Let us look at some of these.

It is healthier than smoking

Though it is not yet known if vaping is completely safe, it is definitely considered to be safer than smoking. This is because smoking involves the combustion of matter, producing harmful substances that could be dangerous for to your health. As vaping does not combust the cannabis, there are fewer harmful chemicals or toxins than you would inhale with smoke. Smoke also contains tar that could result in throat and lung irritation. This makes smoking unsuitable for people with respiratory diseases. When you switch to vaping, your throat and lungs are at a much lower risk of damage.

It is more bioavailable

The active compounds in the cannabis plant are highly sensitive to heat. When you smoke weed, you burn off a lot of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes before even inhaling them. This means regular smoking through combustion can be quite inefficient. As a very low temperature is used in vaping, the active components are preserved and used to their optimum potential. This would result in a more potent, pure vapor and you will waste less of your weed. Vaping can thus save you money as well.

You can taste more flavours

Apart from cannabinoids, cannabis has terpenes that give it the aroma. These compounds are also sensitive to heat and high temperatures can destroy them. Terpenes can be released into vapour at low temperatures to enjoy the flavors to their fullest. Modern weed pens also allow adjusting temperatures to be able to fine-tune your experience. It is, therefore, possible to enjoy the whole range of flavors with vaping that cannot be achieved with smoking.

The experience can be customized

As you enjoy the aroma of your cannabis by adjusting temperature, you can customize your high when you vape. When choosing higher temperatures, more of the cannabinoids are released and you get a fast-hitting high. To get a mellow high, you can choose a lower temperature in your device. Setting your weed pen to the highest temperature setting lets you enjoy the maximum potency of the bud.

What are Cannabis Extracts?

Extraction methods are used to separate weed components from the plant matter. Here are some of the most common methods used to extract THC oil from the cannabis plant.

BHO Distillate

A number of extraction techniques are based on the use of solvent like alcohol. Weed soaks in alcohol to allow removing plant matter. The liquid is then filtered and alcohol is removed with evaporation. This process involves temperature control and careful execution because alcohol is inflammable. The advantage of this method is that there are no residual solvent or toxic chemicals being left in the extract. It also allows extracting all the beneficial compounds including cannabinoids and terpenes.

CO2 Extraction

This method uses carbon dioxide to separate components from the plant matter. A combination of heat and pressure is used to make the gas supercritical – gas and liquid form at once. The cost involved in this method is higher but it produces greater yields. CO2 can be used again as a reagent in the process, making it quite affordable. This method also guarantees that no residual solvent is present in the final product, ensuring a high-quality THC oil used for medicinal purposes.