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About the strain:
Low Med High

The peanut butter to the vape cart jelly. A very easy to use vape battery that works with all 510 thread cartridges.


To charge, plug any microusb cable into the bottom of the battery/pen

Each pen comes with its very own charger. To turn it on you click the button 5 times quickly and to turn it off click the button 5 times quickly again. Hold down the button while you inhale.

When portable vaporizers first came to market, we were less concerned with its function and features, and more enthralled by the fact that there was a new way to get high on the go but now because there are so many options in the market, it is time to really focus on the functions and features. The South Coast Variable Cannabis Vape is guaranteed to give you the best experience possible.

About the vendor:
South Coast Cannabis
33 Customer Reviews

South Coast are the leaders in full profile flowers and pure extracts. The Sunshine Coast is the most ideal place to grow and produce the best Cannabis products in the world because of the developed growing culture and collective environment.

One of the most important factors in the production of pure extracts is the growing conditions of the parent cannabis plant. Being that they are located on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, our plants thrive without the need of pesticides and fungicides. Our all-natural plants are of the highest quality.


At South Coast, they do not add pesticides or fungicides to our plants.

What allows them to have the cleanest, most effective, and safest medicine in the world is their surrounding professional environment, their science and respect for a proper process, and their respect for the Cannabis plant.

Pure extracts starts with the strain and the health of the genetics. Then, the cure and how the flower is handled is of utmost importance. The mother material sets the foundation for the quality of the extract.

No shwag, no trimmings, no bullshit. We focus on quality over quantity and that is why all of our medicines come in extremely limited quantities. It takes real time to do things properly.


97 responses to “Cannabis Vape Battery/Pen”

  1. Leslie says:

    Great battery and easy to use but if you use it a lot and constantly it takes its toll and you will have to replace it in a a few months

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  2. Jason says:

    Great hit

    Love the variable settings. This is my new best friend

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  3. Dustin says:


    The Variable voltage is the best and the South coast vape tips are amazing with this battery. My only con is that you have to charge it almost everyday if your a heavy user or on weekends lolz. Keep up the good work!

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  4. Jean-Robert says:

    Good Battery, nice looking

    I bought this Battery over some find on internet, cause i was new on vaping, and try to bought Southcoast reffil, and this battery is more efficient than the Toko one. Battery can still work for like 2 days long, variable adjustement is nice.
    I try to make my own Vape liquid with Reduced tincture, and the battery is still good enough ! The only thing it’s the size with other vape head they are way larger …
    Nothing compare to real Southcoast purest liquid ever for vape.

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  5. Bailey says:

    Very Happy

    Great product. Battery lasts a surprisingly long time but agree with others, instructions on how to use the battery would have been nice but eventually figured it out. Charges quickly. Cartridges all taste great and hits very smooth. My lungs are much happier now.

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  6. Bradley says:

    Why did I wait so long.

    I took about a year to buy this and I’m so glad I did. User friendly and produces the perfect draw every time.

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  7. Amanda says:

    Very Simple

    Very Easy to use. No issues.

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  8. Laurie says:

    Good investment for refillable vaping

    As so many others have said, this is a great battery to use with a variety of brands of cartridges. The battery definitely holds its charge and needs to be plugged in about an hour for a full charge. One thing I noticed is it doesn’t work so well in the cold. That is just my opinion and I haven’t noticed anyone else saying it. (maybe a user error, lol). As for the lower temps, they do taste better, but I find the cloud almost non-existent at those temps. Overall very happy with this purchase.

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  9. Kenneth says:

    Gear Up

    This is my first experience with the South Coast refillable system and so far it’s been great. I love the discreet size and worry-free nature of the disposable vape pens for out-and-about, but wanted more bang for the buck and greater reliability. And SC delivered. I got this along with the LA Confidential refill and it’s amazeballs.

    Lastly, big thanks to Ashley and Dean for taking the time to fully and genuinely explain the refillable options Whitepalm has – which allowed me to make an informed decision. That, along with being quick to sort out and credit me for a malfunctioning disposable vape pen. A thumbs-up for each of you.

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  10. Rajan says:


    This battery is far better than the no name buttonless I was using. Getting great hits even from the lower voltage setting, I like keeping it at 3.8v . Haven’t seen many batteries that go as high as 4.8 & it looks great as well

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  11. Gareth says:

    Very Versatile Battery

    This battery is a great addition to Southern Coast’s vaping product line. The voltage (read “heat”) settings are adjustable anywhere between the top and bottom ranges, not just at the recommended voltages, allowing for truly custom vaping. The battery uses a standard screw arrangement allowing you to use cartridges from other manufacturers eg. Toko which greatly expands the number of strains available to the user. The battery comes complete with a USB charger. The battery charges quickly and seems to hold a charge for a good long time.

    The battery is pleasing to look at and feels good to hold. It appears well machined with good fit and finish and is simple to use.

    I would like to see three revisions to this product. The first would be an auto-off feature which would eliminate forgetting to turn off the battery when finished vaping, something I have done a number of times. Finding a dead battery when you next go to use it is a little frustrating. The second would be a small power-on indicator to let you know if the thing is turned on. Vaping when you have just turned OFF the battery thinking you had just turned it ON doesn’t work too well.

    ALL rechargeable batteries eventually lose the ability to acquire a full charge (or to charge at all) and it would be great, and environmentally responsible, if just the actual battery were replaceable instead of having to purchase a whole new unit. Perhaps you already can, I don’t know.

    These are small complaints and adding them to the battery for the next version is a simple job (I’d pay a little more to have them). They do not detract from the main function of the battery and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of vaping oils; a much better alternative to the single use, disposable pens.

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  12. Aysia says:

    great battery

    holds charge really well. does the job!

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  13. Leslie says:

    Loves the different settings on this … Really allowed you to experience the different range of abilities of the extracts
    It was also very sleek and discrete

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  14. David says:

    Sleek and Stylish

    My first attempt using a South Coast Variable battery, along with the South Coast Green Crack. I am very impressed with the quality of the extract! Effects with the 4.8v setting have been excellent and leaving me in the clouds. :)

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  15. Johnny B. says:


    Came already charged, didn’t read the directions on the site right away so it took me a minute to realize you need to click five times to turn and off. Really liked the variable temp and noticed a difference in taste when vaping at a lower temp.

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  16. Amber says:


    This battery pen rocks the KISS theory beautifully — it’s all about keepin’ it simple stupid, it’s so basic to use and works like a charm without fail everytime!

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  17. Rod says:


    Wow, with a Greasy Pink Bubba cartridge, unreal, 2 quick pulls is all one needs, this thing is like sliced bread, nice.

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  18. Jennifer says:

    Luv luv this battery

    Nice small footprint, easy/fast to charge, get some great flavors by backing the heat off.

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  19. Kevin says:

    South Coast Vape battery

    Love the variable voltage adjustment great quality battery, usable with other cartridges

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  20. Randy says:

    Just received this pen. Nice to have this and the Toko Gold for variety.

  21. Pierre says:

    very small and effective! the voltage adjustment is great and the battery is good quality, very happy with the purchase ;)

  22. robert says:

    not sure yet got one comeing in the reviews are a bit mixed so ill let u guy know what I think as soon as I get my in with girl scout cookies cartridge

  23. Mohamad says:

    This is a great product. the best i have tried. few things
    1. Variable strength to accommodate different usage and moods.
    2. Fits multiple brands
    3. i have multiple cartridges each for different occasions and situations. i love the fact that i can switch easily between them.
    4. it looks good and makes just enough smoke to give me the confidence that i had enough but not to produce to much smoke as to emabarase me in public. its just right.
    Well done by South coast on this one

  24. Justin says:

    I ordered this pen a couple days ago and 2 different south coast cartridges, both my cartridges tasted good for about 2 hits then they started to taste burnt. My Girl Scout cookie tasted like burnt dabs, and my grape kush tasted like vapourized weed. I have been trying all the settings on the pen and nothin will bring back that taste. I ordered the toko pen and received it today and it still tastes good after 15 or so hits so far. I would not recommend this battery to anyone and will not be ordering a south coast product again because of it.

  25. Brian says:

    This is a must have !This is the first vape battery I’ve tried that is perfect,,the ability to adjust the temp of the hit is so cool ,
    I love it ! I highly recommend !
    Cheers !

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