Live Resin is made using frozen plant material. No heat involved. Meaning it’s one of the most pure and simple way to extract the full potential of the marijuana plant. When it comes to a balanced full profile extract with incredible flavours and medicinal benefits you can’t get any better than Live Resin. With WhitePalm ordering live resin online in Canada is easy.

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Order Live Resin Online Canada

When it comes to a balanced and incredible tasty full profile cannabis extract you can’t get any better than cannabis live resin. This is a true concentrate and not an extract. Other extraction methods use heat to just concentrate on THC or CBD but live resin gets everything and keeps it in the final product, it’s the true Life Blood of the cannabis flower.

With WhitePalm buy live resin online Canada has never been easier as our best small batch growers have come out with their own concentrate made from some of their top strains which are some of the most popular flowers in Canada.

What is Live Resin?

Live Resin is attained from freshly frozen marijuana plants using no solvents. While other solvent-based extracts often lose much of the terp and cannabinoid profile of cannabis, Live Resin retains all of the trichomes, cannabinoids, and terps, resulting in a potent and extremely tasty cannabis concentrate that is becoming increasingly popular all over Canada and the world.

This is the new age of cannabis extracts!

Rosin vs. Live Resin

While live resin is a product based on the actual rosin of the plant, the two products differ quite a bit. Let’s dive into it.

Live resin is the name for a type of weed extract that is extracted using high-tech lab equipment to leave you with a potent, aromatic, effective, sticky substance. Live resin is more similar in appearance to products like wax and budder than rosin itself.

Rosin is the the most pure form of a cannabis extract. Meaning, it’s the most natural. You can literally extract some rosin from sticky weed by rubbing your fingers on it. Have you ever had your grinder stick together? If yes, it was caused by rosin build up due to grinding the weed.

Rosin refers to the process that is a combination of heat and pressure to instantaneously squeeze resinous sap from your initial flower. If you have a hair straightener at home, you can take a stab at pulling some rosin from any flower you order from us.

On the other hand, live resin requires extraction equipment and flash-frozen cannabis flowers. They are flash frozen to preserve all cannabinoids and terpenes.

Compared to other solvent-based extracts like shatter and budder who lose much of the terpene profile, live resin retains all of the trichomes and cannabinoids, resulting in a potent and flavourful extract that is becoming increasingly popular all over Canada.