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South Coast are the leaders in full profile flowers and pure extracts. The Sunshine Coast is the most ideal place to grow and produce the best Cannabis products in the world because of the developed growing culture and collective environment.

One of the most important factors in the production of pure extracts is the growing conditions of the parent cannabis plant. Being that they are located on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, our plants thrive without the need of pesticides and fungicides. Our all-natural plants are of the highest quality.

At South Coast, they do not add pesticides or fungicides to our plants.

What allows them to have the cleanest, most effective, and safest medicine in the world is their surrounding professional environment, their science and respect for a proper process, and their respect for the Cannabis plant.

Pure extracts starts with the strain and the health of the genetics. Then, the cure and how the flower is handled is of utmost importance. The mother material sets the foundation for the quality of the extract.

No shwag, no trimmings, no bullshit. We focus on quality over quantity and that is why all of our medicines come in extremely limited quantities. It takes real time to do things properly.

Closed loop? Open loop? Purging times? These terms don’t apply to South Coast. The only term you need to know is “Full Profile”.

Closed loop and open loop extraction is for companies that use solvents to remove impurities contained within their concentrates. We DO NOT need solvents. This means that because our process is all-natural and all-organic, there is no need to purge our products. No butane = no purge = pure extracts that are clean.

CO2 extraction uses natural CO2, found in the air, to extract the undisturbed full profile of the plant. You get exactly what you pay for with our pure extract cannabis vape pens and pure extract cannabis dabs.

South Coast Cannabis
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  1. One of the Best!!!

    Hey South Coast. Thank you , that is all. ……
    I’m with Paul. When it comes time to order , my first click is on one of there strains. It can be pricey and if you haven’t tryed any of there strains before, depending what u r looking for, can be a harder choice. But if you are looking for consistant strains and top quality products , it’s worth the price.
    Oh and yeah GREASY PINK BUBBA is better then advertised. Is pricey but is my go too and favorite strain with top notch effects. Worth the purchase. Even as a weekend only smoke! Been ordering greasy from South coast for years and only have been disappointed with a batch once. And p.s. put your batch in a jar and burpe it. Sometime a strain needs a little longer of a cure and can make a big difference on the effects.

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  2. I first tried the infamous Greasy Pink Bubba from SC and it was one of the most unique strongest flowers I’ve ever had. Complete knockout. My next try after that was their Gorilla Glue #4 and it was the best batch of this flower done properly I’ve ever had and then some. Ghost seems to have a serious love for his craft as the results he comes out with are top notch !

  3. By far the best flower i have found on the market, not only in terms of potency but also in quality of the smoke, the greasy pink bubba is a masterpiece. Thumbs up to the grower!

  4. You have given me back my life, my wife and my entire family will always be in your debt. The moments that I have been able to enjoy with my family have been in large part because of you. You, the team, the location and your system, what ever that might be, is in the simplest of terms the best most amazing thing to happen to the Cannabis culture and industry since the original Bubba.

    If any of you make it to Ontario, send me an email, you will always be welcome in my house. Thank you.

  5. The only reason i didn’t hit the full five stars is the pricing on certain items. The consistent quality that this brand produces, even on their lower grade products, is absolutely amazing! the rosin pucks they have are fantastic! Most strains are really expensive but extremely nice and powerful to boot. very boutique strains. Wish they had more sales on their products but i cant complain. 1 step below EVB.

  6. In my opinion these guys are just a small step behind what EVB produces. Everything from South Coast has been really good. Sadly (for me) they grow mostly indica heavy strains.

  7. SouthCoast can easily BoaSt that their flowers are truly some of the BestEsT in the WeStEsT !?!?! CaNaDaS own KiNg Of CaNnAbiS and CoNnOisSueR “FELLA F. FACADE” has tried many of the Greasy and Ghosts strains along with their ZoMBiE newcomer which has to be the best strain to date !!! Its inspired him to actually want to try them/order them again and perhaps he’ll also try BlackBerry for the heck of it. SouThCoaSt has a strong TripleF rating, Fragrance, Flavour and Feeling of each strain is special and unique to themselves. What a great find, thanks a PLeNTy DeaNoBrO from WhitePaLm…

  8. I’ve tried everything available from South Coast a few times over and they’re my favourite products available on White Palm. They tend to be priced higher but you get what you pay for. From the beautiful flower strains (Greasy Pink Bubba, Greasy Ghost Bubba, Gorilla Glue #4), the rosin pucks and the vape tips / refills, not one single bit of disappointment ever. The best products that give the best results. Everything is top quality and South Coast just does it better than the rest. Buy their stuff, no regrets! I’ve put at least one South Coast kid through college so far… ;)

  9. Was at first skeptical about paying the price I did for the Greasy pink Bubba , received my order very quickly as it only took two days as I am in Ontario and a very seasoned smoker , now I have mostly tired to eating two 500mg chocolate bars a day as it is rare to find a flower that delivers the kind of effects I need to manage my pain and this at first sight wasn’t overly impressed by the trim job ( you would think paying the price you do it would be better trimmed ) but past that as looks are not everything and the cure on this is phenomenal the smell delivers through two bags and the smoke is very very heavy and very effective right away this strain delivers the potency I need to carry out my days I look forward to making more orders from y oku guys … keep up the good work out there

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