Order Canada’s top cannabis concentrates online from the most trusted cannabis extracts brands. We carry everything from budder to rosin, RSO oils and shatter. All lab tested and safe using BHO or CO2 extraction. Here you’ll find some of the best shatter in Canada with real user product reviews on each page.

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Canada’s Best Cannabis Concentrates & High THC Extracts

Cannabis Extracts are a form of concentrated Cannabis that are made by extracting out all the Cannabinoids, Terpenes and other compounds into a variety of different forms that are very high in THC per gram compared to flowers.

The majority of extracts are consumed using a Dab Rig that flash burns the extract at extremely high heats producing an intense hit and almost immediate onset of effects. We carry Canada’s top weed extract brands that produce award winning Shatter, Budder, RSO oils, edibles and Rosin.

These brands deliver their products through lab tested cannabis extraction processes such as BHO and CO2 Supercritical extraction. We have the widest selection of premium weed extracts with over 30 different exotic cannabis strains from multiple brands. All companies we work with must use exceptional hardware to participate in the WhitePalm marketplace ensuring the weed extracts you buy and consume are the healthiest and most efficient as possible.

THC extracts are the potent ones. CBD extracts don’t get you high.

Concentrates on Sale Canada

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We offer the best and most potent cannabis extract products in Canada from the best brands

To put it simply we have the best extract brands because of where we are, Canada’s West Coast. The home of the best cannabis in Canada. The producers out here have been doing it the longest and competition is fierce out here due to there being so many of them with so much experience.  In other places the prohibition of Cannabis made it so dangerous that only the most unsavoury of groups would engage in the process deep underground.  Out here the culture is different, we weren’t afraid of Cannabis it’s just a part of life here. That allowed growers and extract artists to grow their craft in relative peace and develop brands with reputations for quality and consistency.

Some of these brands have been doing this for over 30 years, it’s their passion, their full-time job and most importantly it’s the personal reputation at stake.  With the legalization of Cannabis this has made it even more the case. Now producers are building brands on more than just word of mouth, they’re putting their time and resources into packaging and marketing.  That means that they’re not about to push out a subpar product and jump ship overnight on to something new.

Accountability has come to the Cannabis Extract scene in Canada and it’s made things better for everyone who loves Extracts in all their forms.

Concentrates Canada: Which brands to trust?

When shopping for extracts Canada make sure you are shopping from an online dispensary with lots of customers. Customer’s firsthand reviews are the true tell-tale sign of what is good and what is not. Also, make sure you are buying from a brand marketplace and not a single brand site. Competition within brands ensures that innovation and quality stay relevant and consistent.

The modern concentrate Canada has its particular extraction method, potency, flavour profile, and exact effects. No more are the days when an extract was just an extract. These product features give us the ability to customize our experience with the product. An advantage modern science gave us. They give us the ability to get to the place where we want to be.

For those that prefer extracts to flower, now you can get the same experience as a flower but in a more potent form. That is why cannabis extracts are so amazing. They don’t involved combustion or smoking. They’re technically more healthy due to their purity. And you do get more bank for your buck.

When you shop for cannabis concentrates and THC extracts at WhitePalm, know that you have access to the best product online and the biggest record of customer reviews in the Mail Order Marijuana world. Welcome to a new era.