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Gold Seal Afghan

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About the strain:
Low Med High

Taste tradition, taste Gold Seal Afghan Hash. This is the real deal imported hash, no fakes.

A fresh and fragrant new shipment of the Golden Eagle has landed. Afghan hash (Hashish) is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan – it is a tradition. The best kinds of Hash originate from the Northern provinces between the Hindu Kush and the Russian border. Afghan hash

The plants which are used for Hash production are very small and bushy Indicas – it’ll typically be a short and stubby Kush.

Afghanistan Hashish is pressed by hand under addition of a small quantity of tea or water. You should see how passionate the producers are. No shortcuts and no laziness. Decades of tradition are poured into making this.

The Hashish is worked on until it becomes highly elastic and has a strong aromatic smell.  Black on the outside, dark greenish or brown inside – it kind of looks like a delicious chocolate bar haha.

The smell is incredibly spicy… oulala… but also very sweet.

The effects are almost narcotic and produces a very physical and stony high. It’s absolutely incredible to add some to a joint or smoke a bit in the pipe.

It’s easy to underestimate the potency of Afghani since the high takes about 5 minutes to reach its full potential, so again, PLEASE use caution when smoking and don’t smoke too much!

For some new school, tasty, and potent extracts checkout the shatter, budder, or live resin.

Narcotic cerebral, physical stone
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10 Customer Reviews

Na, na, na, na, na, na Hash Man! Hash Man is here to satisfy all of your hashish needs. Buying hash online just got easy as you can always depend on Hash Man’s hashish to be real, authentic, and of the highest quality in the world.

Hash is an art and it is one of the longest standing cannabis tradition on our planet. The Hash Man brings nothing but real hashish, using traditional methods, promising a true and unique experience each time.

Whether you are looking for Afghani Hash, Moroccan Hash, Lebanese Hash, Charas Hash, and Kashmiri Hash and all of the varieties from said region, Hash Man has you covered.

The HASH MAN Process

The process of making hashish varies from country to country and even region to region. As a consumer you want to trust the provider and make sure that their knowledge of good hashish is correct. There’s a lot of imposters out there!

Hash Man not only produces domestic bubble hash, Hash Man also brings you the highest quality, most sought after, and most rare Hashish in the world.


97 responses to “Gold Seal Afghan”

  1. Neil says:

    Takes me back to high school!!

    Reminds me of the stuff I would get in high school. Much better quality though. Great for knives. Very soft and smooth. Great buzz.

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  2. Aysia says:


    Hash isn’t usually my concentrate of choice, but after smoking some of this stuff specifically? My mind has changed. Although I’m sort of convinced that I was also smoking some low-grade stuff before….
    A smooth smoke. No coughing. Tasty. Nice, mellow high. All I could want.

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  3. Scott says:

    Hash Rules!!!

    The Classic…black hash.
    Classic taste, classic effects.
    Anyone who’s ever gone thru a ‘hash phase’ will instantly be transported back!!!

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  4. Angel says:

    Phenomenal hash!

    This is hands down the best hash i have evr had the pleasure to smoke. The strong spicy taste is amazing and the smell is better then perfume lol. I recommend this hasg to everyone young, old, or new to smoking. This is a phenomenal buy!

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  5. Jamie says:

    Its been a while since I have smoked hash, but I definitely recommend this product

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  6. Mike says:

    Good black hash!

    This hash is really quite nice, it’s been a while since i have had any real black hash that was any good at all. The high is definitely there with this, most of the black hash i have had in the past 15 or so years has been very weak but this stuff actually has a solid high. I’m not getting too much of the spicy smell when i burn it but i haven’t had any black hash like that in quite a while now. The hash i had when i was younger always had a very strong and distinctive smell, you would swear someone was cooking with strong spices. I don’t find this has much of that at all when it burns. I don’t know what gave all old hash the spicy smell but all hash had it when i was younger, maybe it was just a certain sativa they tended to use back then where as more people will use an indica or hybrid to make hash these days. Regardless of whether it’s spicy or not, the high is there.

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  7. Angel says:

    Hands down #1 hash ever

    As a teenager this was my favorite hash. I haven’t been able to find it since i was 19. I suffer from insomnia and p.t.s.d as well as have major pain management issues. This hash makes my pain disappear and also gives me the biggest attack of the munchies ever lol.

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  8. Rod says:


    Just like the old days, like when black hash was just that, awesome, takes ya back!

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  9. Jacob says:

    good hash

    VERY unique stone.. different ?

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  10. Logan says:

    Afghan Gold

    Big fan! Loved the effects and taste without getting run over! Awesome to have before a good fall hike.

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  11. Courtney says:


    This product is top notch. Pretty smooth, and a wonderful body stone.

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  12. Raj says:

    Instant Relaxation

    Haven’t had gold seal in a few years, and loved what I had had when I first tried, so naturally my expectations were high. When I received the gold seal from white palm, it was a pleasant surprise. First it smelled delicious, so much that I wanted to eat it ahah. Once smoked, it was exactly the high I remember. You just melt right into the couch. The hash gives a very relaxing buzz which flowers cannot produce. Its like being in a hammock by the ocean getting a massage. Truly an amazing feeling … highly recommend!

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  13. Kyle says:

    Just like I remember.

    The best hash I have ever had. It’s been 8 years since I last had gold seal. It was a trip down memory lane to say the least. It’s kinda hard to explain but it gives you a real spiritual high. Taste and smells exactly like I remember.

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  14. Darcy says:

    So so nice!

    I was skeptical, as most hash that boasts afghani falls flat. This is quality. It was worth every penny.

    Made me quite nostalgic!

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  15. Patrick says:

    Real Stuff

    This is real Afghan hash, just like everyone else has claimed. Worth it!

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  16. Neil says:

    Takes me back to the 70’s . Great buy all around.

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  17. Donald says:

    "It Truly is Gold Seal Black Hash"

    I hadn’t smoked any Gold Seal in over at least 16yrs to be sure. I’ve missed it dearly and the moment I tasted it I knew it was the Real Deal! It tastes incredible and smells wonderful too. I’d all but forgotten how relaxing and spiritual a high as it gets. I’ll be certain to order it again next week.I’ll assure all Cannabis Connoisseurs whom will be Very Pleased with this Old School Gold Seal Hash. I look forward to hearing from other Hashish Connoisseurs
    will love the taste and effects of this yet another Top Shelf Quality product offered by White Palm.

    Sincerely: Don D.

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  18. Tom says:


    Just received another puck of this delicious black goodness and it’s just too good

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  19. Bradley says:

    Transport back to highschool

    Just like the good old days. This hash will bring you back to the good old days. Great flavour and great high.

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  20. Martin says:

    In the past WhitHASH You whont's some thing good and nice go head all the way

    Produit de fiable qualités un choix pas compliquer va s’y ,si c’était pas clean je perdrais pas mon temp pour donner mon avis sti Bonne puff le champion

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  21. ROBERT says:

    A must try!!

    Trying to come up with a good review of this hash….but the problem is my brain just won’t function properly after I just smoked a bowl of it. It’s definitely all it’s made out to be….hope it’s here to stay!!!

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  22. Tom says:


    Hands down some of the best hash I’ve smoked in years.. super tasty and hits like a brickwall! If you’re on the fence just click that add to cart button.

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  23. Blake says:

    Really good

    I love this hash definitely going to grab more. Nice taste and super strong…honestly smoked a tiny bit and feels like I took a fat dab. Id recommend go easy at first. Thanks wp!

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  24. James says:

    Yes! Amazing Work

    Thank you WhitePalm for hooking this up. I have been searching for exactly this for a long time now and it is even better than I could have expected. Some of the best Hash ever in my opinion, much better than any bubble hash I have ever smoked which is why I have been searching for it. Just like what I used to be able to get back in the day only better quality right here.

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  25. carl says:

    Hash lovers, your prayers have been answered.

    I used to order hash from WP for the longest time. The Pink Bubble hash. But then it sold out for a while and I was quite upset because it was so delicious. Dean came across this Afghani a couple weeks ago and asked if I wanted to sample it… thank the lord he asked me. It is INCREDIBLE! It’s the real deal hashish experience. Wow.

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