Buy Weed Online Canada

Buy Weed Online Canada

Medical Marijuana is legal and Recreational weed legalization is just around the corner in Canada but where do you buy weed online in Canada? Buying weed in Vancouver is pretty easy if you live right in the city, there are dispensaries everywhere but what if you don’t live there? Maybe you don’t feel comfortable going into a dispensary yourself or you can’t get to one physically.

This is where GetWhitePalm comes in.

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The History of Weed in Canada

Marijuana, Cannabis or just plain Weed has been in a status of prohibition beginning 1908 in Canada. It was bundled in with Opium and banned in the Opium Act of 1908. Pressure was mounting for Canada follow suit with its Allies and ban all forms of illicit drugs to which if they fully did by 1911 where it carried a fine and jail time for possession. This remained the case with stiffer fines and penalties added every decade or so until 2001. Canada passed The Regulation on access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes in July of 2001 which allowed Canadian citizens to obtain access to marijuana with a prescription from a medical practitioner. As of 2015 the Canadian Government announced its support for the regulation and legalization of Cannabis and in April of 2017 tabled a bill that aims to have Marijuana legal for limited recreational use in July of 2018.




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