Locally grown and produced in British Columbia these pure THC Oils and THC Infused products are perfect if you’re looking to enjoy cannabis without smoking it.

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What is THC Oil?

THC oil can be many things: THC tinctures or THC oil concentrates like honey oil, hash oil, and Phoenix Tears. THC oil is just very concentrated THC and therefore very potent products. Loved by both the rec and medicinal consumer.

When it comes to medical Cannabis more and more patients are moving towards ordering THC Oils online in Canada. Made from Cannabis Indica strains by either a solvent extraction or more typically a Super Critical Carbon Dioxide extraction method it’s one of the best ways to gain the benefits of THC in a measured safe way. Smoking Cannabis comes with the risk of lung damage but consuming THC Oil avoids all that by being taken orally. This new method of consumption is showing promise for helping with issues like appetite loss, insomnia, chronic pain and now even a potential for anti-muscle convulsions or seizures.

With new laws coming into place that are relaxing the restrictions on research of cannabis these uses are only going to expand. As with any edible form of Cannabis we recommend that you start small in your dosage and wait at a minimum of an hour before taking more. Edibles need to be digested first before you’ll feel its affects which is why you need to wait. Taking too much can have undesired effects such as high anxiety and paranoia. Once you know your preferred dosage level this shouldn’t be a problem and you can continue using these oils on a regular basis. One of the benefits THC Oils have over flowers is the ability to consistently measure the amount you take and therefore carefully control your dosage.

At WhitePalm we have a wide range of THC oil such as capsules and Honey Oil in a pure THC form or a mix with CBD, making sure our community will always have access to the benefits of THC oils that they need.