Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed a rapid change in how we think about cannabis. Laws have modernised and attitudes have evolved, but somehow the old stereotype of the uninformed pothead still persists. It’s time we start rethinking pot from the ground up and show the positive effects of marijuana.

This stereotype never made any sense to us. So we wanted to change it.

We work hard, seize the day, and enjoy an active lifestyle, but we also know how to slow down and simply appreciate the world around us. We believe that the key to striking the perfect balance between work and life is engaging with the present, and for us at White Palm, part of that means using cannabis in the smartest and healthiest way possible.

These days we want to know if our coffee is fair trade and if our food is organic. We believe the same amount of detail should be provided when it comes to cannabis so that you can know more, do more and enjoy the good life.

WhitePalm was created by and for the highly functional ­ individuals who use cannabis to compliment their experience, not define their identity.

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