It’s getting hard to walk down any major street in the city of Vancouver and NOT see a marijuana dispensary but what if you want to buy weed online Vancouver? Not everyone lives near major roads, it may not be convenient at all, or maybe they just don’t feel comfortable walking into one in person. With dispensaries in Toronto being raided by police, people are concerned that their private information at these dispensaries could land them in trouble.

Online dispensaries are here to fill that gap and GetWhitePalm is one the best out there in Canada. Buy weed online and get premium weed and weed extracts directly and discreetly to your door, GWP is your one stop shop for boutique small batch premium Cannabis in Vancouver and all of Canada.

Is quality customer service available when you buy cannabis online?

YES! Don’t settle for less. You hear so many horror stories on Reddit about weed stores scamming people, not sending product, sending bait and switch product, or simply just not communicating with customers. At WhitePalm we will always reply to you. Please don’t thank us for that. It is our duty and job. It is our responsibility to give you A++++ customer service.

This is what you can expect from WhitePalm when you buy weed online Toronto:

1. Livechat available on the site from 9 AM until 6 PM EST

2. Email response within 24-48 hours

3. A notification email when you sign up, place an order, payment is received, and a final tracking number email to notify shipping with Canada Post Xpresspost

And of course, when it comes to products and BC BUD – you can expect only the best that Canada has to offer. Like the most reviewed flower on any legacy site or government site: the famous Greasy Pink Bubba by South Coast. Buy weed online Vancouver is fun!

Does WhitePalm make it easy to buy marijuana online?

100%. Buy weed online Vancouver has never been easier.

Browse our products, like premium BC Bud, through an easy to navigate product menu. The top row of each page shows new products, the middle section (and largest section of each page) shows what is in-stock, and the bottom row shows what we are re-stocking soon. Since we have such close relationships with our vendors we know exactly when product will be restocked.
We also send newsletters every single day. Deals are sent to everyone. Restocks are sent to targeted lists because there is nothing worse than being bombarded by emails about products you have no interest in!

The History of Weed in Canada

Weed in Canada first saw the beginnings of prohibition in 1908. It was restricted from non-medical use with Opium in the Opium Act of 1908. Canada, under pressure to follow suit with its Allies to ban all forms of illicit drugs did so in 1911 where it carried a fine and jail time for possession. Canada passed The Regulation on access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes in July of 2001 which allowed Canadian citizens to obtain access to marijuana with a prescription from a medical practitioner. Around this time Vancouver also started to see its first few dispensaries pop up. As of 2015 the Canadian Government announced its support for the regulation and legalization of Cannabis and in April of 2017 tabled a bill that aims to have Marijuana legal for limited recreational use in July of 2018

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