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The most cared for Small Batch, truly Craft Cannabis in Canada.  Our goal is to deliver Pristine Exotic Flowers to you with every Trichome intact. Sticky and Smelly every time.

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  1. Long time smoker, first time ever smoked your Kurple Fantasy I was hooked on everything about it , looks , smell ,taste , and the real test is the high , it was a bit pricey at first but still well worth it. Everything fell into place. But it’s all gone . So now I’m like your Pink Kush , very nice.
    South Coast is also a favorite of mine.
    Curious if Kurple Fantasy is coming back ?

  2. EVB is the best hands down. Almost every strain has been amazing. It’s too expensive, not trimmed well to hold the trichomes etc.. it’s all very light and airy.
    But nobody comes close on almost every strain this group produces. Taste, potency, burns clean organic, cured proper.
    Getvwhatya pay for … wish I was rich! I’d buy strictly EVB.

  3. Hands down one the best growers in the industry. Absolute fire. Breathtakingly beautiful flower, perfectly grown to it’s full potential, the delicacy of the trichomes is unbelievable. The fan leafs are a huge part of why these flowers are so heavy on terps and are able to maintain such perfect structured trichomes and flavonoids.
    (Only thing that it can improve on is that some of the strains could be flushed a bit better. I’m huge on clean burns and if the ash ain’t white, then the price ain’t right) other than that…EVB IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN.
    True craft cannabis!

  4. These are good looking and sticky. Unfortunately (“east van specialty”) definitely dont have the density of a AAAA. Which is what it would take for this price. These flowers are good for show and have a nice look and smell but when it comes to effect the greasy pink is one of the only flowers that will give a chronic smoker effects u can feel for more then 5 to 10 minutes. They kind of remind me of the 0% thc strands you could order from HIGH times when I was younger. This is coming from someone who has smoked indica pretty much every few hours for the past 18 years. Just posting this as I tried most of them and they’re not in the 50 dollar for a half q range. Very few flowers are. Not even greasy pink is. I will say that the gg4 was the only one with real well formed buds. These weeds will hold up to the avg smoker but not someone who smokes medicinally for more then 10 years.

  5. F*ck me sideways and call me Patricia. These flowers are INSANE in the membrane. Holy smokes… the Seedsman Haze is next level. I never knew a Sativa could be so sweet!

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