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Stratus creates delightfully appealing hydrocarbon extractions from freshly harvested marijuana crops. These cannabis extracts maintain their terpene profiles and potency. Stratus uses advanced refining techniques to produce concentrates that abound in flavour and aroma.

Learn more about Stratus. Live Resin is a process by which a freshly harvested plant is immediately flash frozen using professional laboratory equipment to cryogenically freeze the plant at very low temperatures.

Since it is fresh frozen, live resin captures the complete cannabinoid and terpene profiles, delivering to the user more of the medicinal efficacy of the plant. For recreational Vapers, it also delivers superior flavours, aroma, and potency. All users get an improved cannabinoid and terpene profile, meaning a different, arguably better psychoactive effect and enhanced medical value.

Lab Tested to contian 70% THC. Sold in 1 gram vacuum sealed container. Strains Available: Quantum Kush, Death Bubba, Candy Kush

In today’s crowded cannabis marketplace, what does it take to stand out?

Inspired by the past and focused on the future, Stratus creates artisanal crumbles and liquid shatter thoughtfully crafted for well-being and enjoyment.

Stratus Band
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