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Valley Craft Cannabis is a cannabis company that takes very special care when growing their flowers. Specializing in high THC and original genetics. Known for their POWER FLOWERS – Valley Craft Cannabis makes strong, high THC strains that original and very special – in a good way.

All flowers they grow are very well trimmed, flushed of pesticides and cured to perfection – just like a fine wine.

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  1. When you look at a bud and you can see the care that went into producing such a beautiful product. The time that it takes to dedicate to grow flowers like Valley Craft Cannabis does is very rare in this day and age where its mass produced as quick as possible. So far out of the two strains I’ve tried 1, Chewy Cookies and 2 , Lemon Mac . I must say the presentation of both were absolutely stunning and super frosty , I however like the Lemon Mac even though it’s a lower thc it is absolutely phenomenal and it truly is a rarity I hope they keep that one around forever and I can’t wait to see what they will come out with next. I wish I had the means because I have a ton of strains I’d love to come up with lol

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