Great news! Laws have changed and cannabis is now legal in Canada! And public opinion on cannabis already has changed (for the bettter), now the question is, how does your average resident of Quebec buy weed online Montreal?

Quebec isn’t like BC where you can easily find a dispensary but also maybe you wouldn’t even be comfortable walking into a dispensary if it existed. Lots of people prefer to get their weed in the mail as it is discreet. Ordering online is the best solution to tackle these issues.

This is where WhitePalm comes in!

White Palm is your best access to the world of Online Cannabis, with some of the best growers and extract artists in Canada just a click away, there’s no need to even leave your house! We deliver discreetly right to your doorstep so you can enjoy the many benefits Cannabis has to offer in the privacy of your own home.

Where to begin? Online Weed Store!

Weed can get quite expensive over time, and who has all the time in the world to figure out which online weed store to order from? Sure, you’ll come across lots of mail order sites when searching Google but how do you know those sites are good?

How can you compare? What if you want to try multiple brands at once?

That is again where WhitePalm comes in when you want to buy weed online Montreal! Buy weed online has now become easy and reliable thanks to our multi-brand and multi-grower marketplace. Did you know that we were the very first online weed store to brand flowers. By working with and collaborating with BC Bud growers, we were able to build the most popular cannabis brand in Canada: South Coast.

Is quick and discreet delivery provided?

Yes – of course. We use Canada Post Xpress shipping which takes 2-3 business days. You receive a tracking number and the package is discreet, vacuum sealed, and odourless.

Though lots of sites don’t offer free or discounted shipping, we offer free shipping on orders over $200. You can count on us for quick and reliable shipping.

Buy Weed Online Montreal

Canada first started seeing restriction or the start of prohibition of Weed in Canada started in 1908. It, along with with Opium and banned in the Opium Act of 1908. Canada, under pressure to follow suit with its Allies to ban all forms of illicit drugs did so in 1911 where it carried a fine and jail time for possession. This remained the case with stiffer fines and penalties added every decade or so until 2001. Canada passed The Regulation on access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes in July of 2001 which allowed Canadian citizens to obtain access to marijuana with a prescription from a medical practitioner. As of 2015 the Canadian Government announced its support for the regulation and legalization of Cannabis and in April of 2017 tabled a bill that aims to have Marijuana legal for limited recreational use in July of 2018.

Buy weed online is now easier than ever!

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