Holiday Survival Guide And The Weed You Need To Do It


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Holiday Survival Guide with MerryJuana


Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, Kwanzaa or don’t celebrate jack squat this time of year you’re still implicated into the holiday season like it or not. If you’re of the ilk of holiday cheer or dread the associated seasonal duties you best get yourself a plan to maximize the joy or minimize the pain. And with that we present to you a holiday season survival guide.


Tis the season when folks get together and surround them self with drink, food and love. Partaking in the fun is a gift in itself and you want to get yourself right for festivities. The punch bowl has some edge to it and that one rum and eggnog is probably good enough. The YouTube dance party has just begun and you’re filled with the spirit (booze) and shortbread cookies and latkes. Get involved and this will have you primed for the party.

Recommended Strain:


Why: Feel that euphoria while you’re busting moves on that dance floor. Don’t worry about getting too stoned or feeling sleepy during the party. Hempstar will pick ya up.


Let the world know you’re ok with the holiday and goodwill and peace upon earth. Be present this season and add little cheer to your environment. It might just be a mini christmas tree on your desk or some faux snow on your windows, but getting creative with it can fun and a nice change of pace. Visualize your decor with this:

Recommended Strain:

Frosty Jack Herer

Why: Jack induces crazy creativity and energy. Enough said.

Making Crafts and Gifts

You can always coax your creative spirit and put the “I” in Gift. No need to be shackled by the marketing bonanza that has coarsed you into believing spending is showing gratitude. Of course, the perfect gift is the perfect gift, but inserting yourself into the gift is getting into the actual spirit of gratitude and appreciation. Get your thinking cap on and get into the unique and personal gift zone with this:


Why: Psychedelic effects will make for some interesting creations


If you’re not going to get all creative and make something yourself then you’re gonna have to open that bill fold and fork out some cash to buy something for those special folks in your life. Unless you are one of those people that does their gift shopping well ahead of the rush you are going to have to enter of the craziest times to be in the retail stratosphere. It’s essential that you prepare for the crowds. This should help you mentally thin the herd.


Calm (600mg Pure CBD Spray)

Why: Focus and get it done. Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to holiday shopping. Get in quick and get out quick to avoid all of those crowds.


The holidays do get awfully overwhelming and setting aside some time to recharge is the right way to go to power through the season. Be it a post big meal nap, an exhausting day of shopping or just too excited to get a good rest you’ve got to get in some naps and this here should get you in the nap zone.


‘Greasy’ Ghost Bubba

Why: The holiday season can get hectic. Fun, but hectic. So recharge those batteries to the fullest.


What holiday is complete without preparing some festive dishes. It might be a family recipe, traditional dish or just straight up snacks. Either way keeping a detailed focused on the ingredients, the portioning and your personal touches will ensure your creations come out with holiday care. This will keep cooking game locked.


Lime Sour Diesel (LSD)

Why: Sometimes you just need some inspiration in the kitchen. Cannabis just makes it more fun.


You’ll be hard-pressed to avoid the constant calorie fest that surrounds the season. There’s snacks literally everywhere and it’s both awesome and a challenge. You want to be in the right frame of mind when faced with the abundance of the food offering. Keep your appetite wet without drowning yourself in your immediate food desires. This will help with the battle!


Cookie Monster

Why: C’mon now, it’s the holiday season. The one time you get to pig out on delicious food and not feel guilty. Soak it all in… induce those munchies.


The biggest meal is upon you and probably with family or something generally formal. You hope to negotiate the group dynamics and keep the whole shabang holiday-centric. Now we don’t recommend being stoned out of your tree for a seasonal sit down meal, but a touch of alteration couldn’t hurt. Get your table manners sorted with this:


Cookie Monster

Why: It’s the bee’s knees. RE: Feasting.

Winter Wonderlanding

For most of the country we are really are spoiled in the fact that we can do the holidays like it looks on TV. Snowshoeing, skating on that frozen pond or just a brisk walk through the city will help embrace the winter season. Gaze in the amazement and be chill with the chill and to do it as such you ought get with this:


Supercritical Shiva Refill Cartridge (77% THC)

Why: It makes the outdoors even more beautiful than it already is.

Boxing Day

If you have the patience to endure the absolute nutfest of Boxing Day go for it. You’d best be on your A game though as we know much like Black Friday there’s not a whole lot actual deals and there is a medley of line-ups. However, don’t lose faith! You could wind up with something awesome and for you to truly have such a thing occur you must keep your wits about you with this:


Supercritical Green Crack God Refill (83% THC)

Why: Because you have to beat everyone to the best deals!

Happy Holidaze!

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