When it comes to the connoisseurs and the old school weed smoking community, the people that just LOVE weed and geek out on it, there is one consistent family of weed strains that’s been a favourite throughout and that’s Kush weed. From the Pink Kush to the OG Kush the family is massive and varied by the love, attention, and unique genetics that have been bred into Kush strains. Here at WhitePalm you get all your favourite strains of Kush online delivered right to your door. Kush is typically Indica dominant strain hailing from the Hindu Kush mountain ranges in North-Western India, Afghanistan, and Northern Pakistan where it gets its name but with all the breeding it can come across with more Savtiva notes with some strains.

The Rich History of Kush Weed

The Kush strain as previously stated, comes from South Asia, it’s a short bushy plant growing up to about 3-4 ft tall. This is probably the strain that most people are familiar with as it’s been the dominant one in circulation from pretty much when it landed here in the 1970’s. The Hippie Trail pilgrimages that left in the 60’s to explore the Orient came back with wonderful tales of wonderful Charas which is a form of Hashish, eventually this led to some of them bringing the seeds of the Hindu Kush back to our shores and then it took off.

If you smoked weed in the past and it was presented to you just as “weed” with no identifying type, chances are that it was an Indica and it was a Kush strain. Part of the reason it became so popular was not just its heavy hitting potent effects but also for its ease of cultivation. Sativas grow tall and lanky up to 10ft tall with long skinny buds and wide branches; it takes up a lot of space to grow it properly. Indica on the other hand with its small stature was much easier to cultivate in small spaces, such as a basement or cupboard. Kush is also more suited to the temperate climate of upper North America, meaning that it was a more reliable plant to grow outdoors with its hardy nature and tolerance for low temperatures. Widespread underground cultivation has been going on in North America since its introduction in the 70’s and it’s the enthusiast growers in communities such as Humboldt County that kept it going. We have them to thank for laying the groundwork and refining the genetics to get us the Kush strains we love today. Kush weed strains such as our Greasy Pink Bubba and Greasy Ghost Bubba, which are both Kush strains, two of the most reviewed strains on our site to this date and people love it.


Kush Weed varieties have been some of the most popular varieties of weed for a very long time and for many reasons. This is because they occupy and own what we call the Indica-Dominant category. By far the most famous of these being the strain known as OG Kush.

#1 – OG KUSH


Let’s start off with the King of Kush weed strains, OG Kush, the backbone of the West Coast Cannabis market. Found in most all high end dispensaries and Mail Order Marijuana sites and that WhitePalm is no different. We carry a premium OG Kush that rivals the best of the best globally. The world’s most famous strain is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid that can yield THC percentages between 19 and 27%. One of the beautiful things about this strain is that even with yields like 27% THC, the strain provides an incredibly joyous and upbeat mental high with just the right amount of full-body relaxation. It’s really easy for people to love this strain because of its delicious fragrance that features fresh pines and sharp wood. Not to mention the taste has a nice hint of lemon with an addition of some forest herb.



The second Kush that needs to be discussed is the oh-so-popular Bubba Kush. It was actually created by crossing the original Bubba with a Purple Kush by a Los Angeles native who goes by the name of Bubba.

Enough of that though, the Bubba Kush we want to talk about is not just any ordinary Bubba Kush or a copycat variation of it… we are talking about the Greasy Pink Bubba. A combination of Pink Kush and Bubba Kush this strain is more Art than it is farming. What differentiates the South Coast Greasy Pink Bubba from other Bubba Kushes is the master growers that have been cultivating and refining this strain for decades to produce a supremely potent, heavy hitting, crystal coated bud that takes no prisoners. Full bodied highs with a relaxing wave that will smooth out any kinks of chronic pain in your body and mind.



There is one Kush flower that speaks for itself by simply reading its name, Pure Kush. As per the norm with Kush flowers from the Hindu Kush mountain region, Pure Kush has the deep green dense leaves with hints of purple and hairs that are bronze in colour. The buds are chunky, dense and very sticky. WhitePalm’s very experienced and knowledgeable staff tends to recommend this strain to users who suffer from any type of pain because this strain will leave you feeling heavily sedated – hint, clear your schedule before smoking. You will enter a serene state of utter relaxation. Pure Kush is simply a pure form of the Kush cannabis variety that



Master Kush is another Kush classic that follows in the footsteps of Hindu Kush with inherent effects like increased happiness followed by relaxing effects that induce a cozy sleep. This strain is special because it is birthed by crossing two landrace strains from different parts of the original Hindu Kush region. Back in the 90’s, this strain dominated Dutch coffee shop shelves and counters which is not a surprise at all because of its world class attributes and effects.

It’s a really nice strain that tends to take the edge of things when you are stressed out, worried, or over-worked. These attributes also make it so that you can get high and read a book, play video games, or do some chores without losing focus.

#5 – CHEMO


Last but definitely not least, we’d love to introduce you to the ever so famous chemo strain. This is a strain that WhitePalm is on the hunt for in our quest to provide the best craft cannabis in Canada to you. We have our sights on it and will have it in stock very soon so prepare yourselves!

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Haze strains and Kush strains have the same sort of difference as Kush and Diesel. We’ll break it down for you.

The Looks

Kush plants are buff and short whereas Haze plants are tall and thin.

The Nose

Thank us later if you ever encounter yourself doing a smell test. Typically Haze strains have very unique spicy and citrusy smells to them. On the other hand, Kush strains smell more sweet and pungent – if a flower’s smell takes over your whole house then it is most likely a Kush.


This is the easiest way to tell the two strains apart. Both Haze and Kush are known for their psychoactive euphoric and happy feelings but there are two big differences you will notice that will help you distinguish the two. Kush strains will make you feel sleepy whereas Haze strains and their medium-level CBD content will bring on the social head highs and light-body feelings.

Consistently Delivering the Best Kush in Canada

At WhitePalm our goal is to educate you and deliver the best cannabis products in Canada because we care about your health and well-being. What you need is what you need so understanding the difference between Kushs, Hazes, and Diesels is very important. Feel free to chat with us on live chat if you have any other questions. whereas Haze strains and their medium-level CBD content will bring on the social head highs and light-body feelings.

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