1. Honestly some of the best flowers have ever had the pleasure of enjoying! There quality is second to none and customer service is first class. Yes there prices are a little much but you can’t this type of quality anywhere else in Canada and if you do your paying well over $300 ounce and it’s never consistently good from batch to batch unlike GWP there flower are always consistent period. Only thing they could do better is maybe offer some discounts from time to time on there super premium flowers specially if your buying more then ounce of 1 strain at $290

  2. First time ordering from you. Everything was perfect from the order taking online to the simple E transfer and received the order in 2 business days. As Mike wrote above I was pretty excite to get my first package and there will be more purchases in future Harvey

  3. I have been ordering from GWP for close to a year now and still to this day I get excited on the days I receive my order in the mail. I have placed at least 20 orders by now and have never had a problem with the ordering process and the product. They have a fine selection of very affordable buds as well as some higher quality gear that is just heavenly. They do a great job of keeping the good stuff in stock and have new strains showing up all the time. Since discovering GWP about a year ago I haven’t shopped anywhere else since.

  4. Please tell me when you might get a hold of some more Afgooey. It was wonderful, particularly for pain relief. Quick joke; Did you hear about the overweight psychic?!? She was an extra large medium.

  5. I’ve ordered twice now, received product in a timely fashion… but was shorted items both times. Had to send a couple emails the first time and was eventually sent the missing item and a little bonus to make up for the mistake. My most previous order was also short one item, which I’ve attempted to contact about 3 times over the last 2 weeks and had no response as of yet and now the website won’t seem to process messages! Product is good when received, but am having reservations about ordering here again.

  6. Yes…very good product…doubtful anyone would be dissatisfied with…I’ve gotten many a good bud from here…yeah it can be pricey, but why compromise…like good wine..indulge and do it right…only one other MOM compares…no names…

  7. WP is the best so far in quality and I have had amazing relief of my symptoms. I will for sure be telling my friends about WP I was with another dispensary in ON and the quality was not the same at all and they did not offer concentrates not even close to what you people are doing keep it coming WP.

  8. Got my first order and I can say hands down this is the best m.o.m. Great prices outstanding cannabis. Today is the day I finally ditch the l.p monopoly game. Thanks guys

  9. Been ordering since last Sept, and must say EVERYTHING that was ordered came, packaged, awesome, discreet, and on time, hands down, one of the best MOMs tried, tested, true, thanks Whitepalm!

  10. For anyone who is like me, just wanting good quality marijuana products, wondering if this site is really legit? well it is legitimate. I have been using this site for over a month now and have only received quality items. Shipping to me in Ontario takes 3 – 8 days (depending on Canada posts closure holidays). I would and have recommended GWP to family and friends. 7.5% cash back, who doesn’t like free flowers? I have ocular migraines and MS and it is good to know there is a budtender in a chat feature at my fingertips!

  11. Tons of MOMs claim that they carry small-batch flowers but the only one that actually does, out of the 13 I have tried, is WP. Can’t beat their quality. Every strain has surpassed my expectations by miles.

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