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Phyto Extractions is one of the original shatter companies. Perfecting their craft over a decade they have brought the extraction process up to an art form that many have tried to emulate with little success. A success that has earned them recognition across the industry with their massive library of unique strains of potent shatter, culminating in a first place finish for Concentrate Producer at the 2015 Karma Cup. With years of experience they have refined their processes to produce some of the highest potency shatter out there while simultaneously pushing the bar on new methods which is superbly showcased in their new elite line of shatter called SuperNova.



Phyto Extractions has one of the largest selections of shatter in Canada, with literally over 50 different strains to choose from you’ll never run out of new highs to experience. Whether it’s a pure Sativa with the uplifting euphoric and focused experience or the deep Indica stress relieving night time chill or maybe a mix of the two, they’ve got you covered. All the big names are covered like, Incredible Hulk, Sour Diesel, all the OG Kush and Fire varieties, along with their own exclusive custom tailored strains, their library is literally bursting with options for you to play around with and find your perfect mix. Here’s just a few of our favourites below.


SHATTER - Incredible Hulk

A Sativa strain Incredible Hulk is a strain for those who want to be active. Getting its stimulating effects from its parent strains Green Crack and Jack Herer, this strain is best used in the daytime before heading out to do something creative or social. Hiking, out at the beach or attending a BBQ with friends this stuff will not lock you to the couch. This high-energy Sativa is great for minor aches and pains or maybe a creative boost if you’re stuck on a project. Flavour wise you’ll experience a mix of fruity blueberry and citrusy pineapple balanced with an earthiness that rounds it all out. Users report a mix of Happy, euphoric and uplifting feelings along with increased focus, this is definitely a strain you have to try for yourself to truly understand the full benefits of its profile.


SHATTER - Sour Diesel

Sometimes referred to by its other name of just simply Sour D, Sour Diesel is a Sativa dominant hybrid that gets its name from its aroma that some say is like an earthy pungent diesel fuel smell. Praised for its cerebral anti-stress, anti-anxiety properties this one hits fast and keeps going. Making it perfect for everyday use and motivating you to get out. Other benefits users report pain relief and an improvement in mood to combat depression which makes this a common strain to be used in the medical marijuana community. The genetic history on this one is a bit of a mystery though, which isn’t surprising considering how long it’s been around. Popular belief is that it stems from a mix of Northern Lights, Chemdawg 91 and a variety of the Super Skunk phenotype. This classic strain has long been a favourite of many and if you haven’t tried it yet you’re missing out.


With a new top of the line setup Phyto Extracts has unleashed their new SuperNova line of premium shatter. Using the latest CO2 Supercritical extraction processes Phyto has upped the ante by making all organic cannabis runs that are fully dewaxed with longer purge times. Ensuring a clean pure burn when you light it up, CO2 Supercritical extraction brings out all the benefits of traditional Butane Hash Oil extraction but with improved Terpenes, Flavonoids and no hydrocarbon solvents. Produced in small hand crafted batches making sure no attention to detail is lost ensuring the highest quality. SuperNova is bringing all the flavours and strains you know and love from Phyto into the next generation of extracts, SuperNova is where it’s at for shatter.



A hard hitting Indica dominant strain, King Louie XIII may be named after a fancy Frenchman with a penchant for fake hair but it’s no strain to be trifled with. With Heavy pungent earthy tones and a thick pine like nose this strain takes no prisoners and lets the world know it’s coming well before you see it by filling up the room. This strain truly is King coming in with High THC that’ll take the edge off any day and settle you in for the night. Users also reported experiencing primarily relaxed effects but also happy. This one is suggested for sufferers of Insomnia and those who have trouble staying asleep. Genetically it pulls the majority of its Phenotype from OG Kush which is where it gets its Pine Tree like nose from.



A designer strain, Gorilla Cookies heavily favours its Indica parentage but has just the right amount of Sativa added to keep it interesting. Bred for potency from Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies this strain combines the knockout punch power of GG#4 with a touch of uplifting Sativa and a hint of minty sweetness from TM GSC. The buds on this flower are caked and coated in resin as a warning to not take this strain lightly, so hit it with care. User experience on this strain is high in relaxation, happiness and euphoria but also expect to be in for a little bit of the giggles if the setting is right. For medical users this is a great strain to try if you have any chronic pain and its relaxation effects are great for letting it all go at the end of the day. You’re gonna get a medium to high level of sleepiness coming on with this one so be prepared for that and get settled in for a good time.



Getting its name from the wax-like substance that is rubbed into the bows of classical stringed musical instruments, Rosin is a similar looking compound with a MUCH different purpose. Cannabis Rosin is a newish extraction that’s produced via a combination of high pressure and heat. An admittedly simplistic process that produces a rich full profile product, Rosin is so simple that a crude form of it can be produced with a bit of cannabis and a hair straightener. It’s been catching on quickly mainly due to its simplicity and purity as there are no solvents involved. Live Rosin is becoming a true connoisseur’s dream as it has some of the richest Terpenes and Flavonoids out of any extraction on the market today.

Solvent Extractions is commonly used for Shatter

The most common form of shatter on the market today uses what’s known as BHO extraction (Butane Hash Oil). Butane as you might be familiar with is used in lighters, it’s a combustible gas made from fossil fuels. Cannabis is mixed with butane in its liquid form which then dissolves the cannabis fats and oils into the butane, creating a mixture that is high in THC but also still containing the gas. A purging process to remove the butane must then be undertaken which given the amount of time dedicated to it can remove all or just most of the butane. These traces of butane left in the final extraction aren’t exactly healthy and they detract from the true flavour of the strain. This purging process also removes a large amount of Terpenes as they easily evaporate away if raised in temperature. As an added concern about BHO it is an explosive gas and there have been cases of labs being improperly handled and serious harm or even death can be a result of mistakes in handling the gas.

Why Rosin is a healthier choice

With less involved in the whole process and no chemicals added in Rosin is an obviously healthier choice, it’s a simple pure product. BHO produces some high THC extractions and it’s not going to kill you now or anytime soon but that’s all it’s designed to do, produce really high amounts of THC. There’s more to extractions and shatter than just the THC content and Rosin is the best full profile method to experience it all. Another option for extraction is the Supercritical CO2 extraction method, this method uses extremely high pressures and Carbon Dioxide gas at extremely low temperatures to extract cannabis oils. CO2 extractions produce a better cleaner product than BHO but they come in second to Rosin when it comes to a full flavourful profile extract. Additionally Rosin preserves other trace compounds found in the plants which are the key to the flavour of Cannabis Extracts. In short Shatter may offer you a higher THC product while rosin will offer you a complete product and more balanced high, while the price of rosins is typically about 50% more expensive than shatter.

Rosin Greasy Pink Healtheir that shatter

ROSIN - Greasy Pink Bubba

This South Coast exclusive strain is the culmination of decades of breeding and tweaking to produce the pinnacle of Kush strains. No one else has the dedication and experience to produce a strain like this and South Coast has nailed this one, accept no substitutes. Said to be a combination of Pink Kush hybrid and the pure Indica of Bubba Kush, this strain is the absolute KING of relaxation. Produced organically in the pristine Sunshine Coast BC this Rosin has beautiful Terpenes with a full flavour profile that will leave you feeling stress free while not getting you too sleepy.

Rosin Gorrila Glue Healtheir than shatter

ROSIN - Gorilla Glue 4

A multi award winning strain that lives up to all the hype it gets, Gorilla Glue #4 is a supremely potent Hybrid that’s in a league of its own. Pulling all the best charactistics from its parent strains, Sour Dub, Chocolate Diesel and Chem’s Sister, this flower has a powerful pungent nose with earthy and sour notes that take over the room. Get ready for some serious relaxation time as a wave of happiness and euphoria take hold and keep you melted and chill. GG#4 has been put to the test and passed with flying colours as it took home first place in both the Michigan, Los Angeles Canabis cups in 2014 and then getting first again in the High Times Jamaican World Cup, this hybrid takes no prisoners.



With the experience to produce top shelf products and state of the art facility located in British Columbia, Canada, Phant Extracts has shown themselves to be a leader in the Cannabis Extract community. Constantly at the forefront of innovation and expertise, Phant are continually coming out with new shatter varieties every month.

Tested, and extracted from the highest quality of plants, Phant is the clean, natural choice to medicate your body.

Explore Phant Shatter and Phant Electric Shatter Vape Pens here

Gods Own Concentrates

With exotic Terpene infused shatter that is produced through a combination of both Butane extraction and Fractional Distillation, Gods Own Concentrates are all about potency and flavour. They believe that the combination of these two extraction methods is the only true way to maintain the specific individual characteristics of the base strains used to make the concentrate, keeping all of the original flavour notes, terpene profiles and personalized highs each strain provides.

Check out Gods Own Concentrates shatter and extracts here

Sea to Sky

Created by passionate cannabis users who believed that there was more to explore and soak-in when it came to the complex world that is cannabis extracts. Sea to Sky is all about a balanced high and this balanced high is defined as a high that comes from pure extracts and masterfully tested cannabinoid and terpene combinations.

Sea to Sky’s line of Cannabis concentrates can be found here

Green Gold

Ensuring that they gather all of their parent flowers from local growers in the British Columbia region, Green Gold then proceeds to go through a detailed extraction process. Green Gold purges longer than any extraction company in order to ensure the highest quality affordable shatter.

Explore Green Gold’s full line of Cannabis Shatter here


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