What are the best Phyto shatter strains?

So you’ve tried a few shatter strains and you like it, now you want to know what the best ones are or maybe you’re new to the shatter scene and you want to start strong.  No matter your reason for coming here we’re gonna give you the info you want so you can make an informed, researched decision before you spend your hard earned money.  So you might know already that Phyto Extractions is one of the biggest players in the Shatter extract scene and they’ve been around for a while.  They have the largest selection of shatter strains out of pretty much anyone in Canada.  They’ve also had their hard work recognized with a win at the 2015 Karma Cup for best Concentrate coming in first with their Kushberry CO2 extract.  So with all that, what’s the best Phyto Shatter strain?

Super Nova Shatter by Phyto Extractions

The future of cannabis extracts, including shatter are moving away from solvents.  The majority of them are dangerous to work with, toxic, and ruin the profile of the plant.  Sure BHO has some of the highest THC content out of the extracts on the market today but that comes at a cost to all the other compounds that work in concert with THC like CBD and Terpenes.  Super Nova is a Supercritical CO2 extraction that uses carbon Dioxide gas compressed into a liquid to do the job a solvent would.  Leaving behind no residual solvent (because there is none) in the final product, this new line is truly the best Phyto Shatter out there.  Here are our favourite Strains:

Super Nova, King Louis XIII: Named after a famous French Monarch with loved wigs on men, this strain boasts strong OG Kush parentage.  King Louis is a deep Indica strain with rich and deep earthy, woody and Pine notes on the nose, this strain is big on stress relief and relaxation.  It’s best suited for night time sessions as it will make you sleepy in a blissful way.  

Super Nova, Gorilla Cookies:  A hybrid strain that is very potent, Gorilla Cookies is like the name suggests a hybrid of Gorilla Glue and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.   With a hint of Mint from the GSC side and a deep earthy pungent smell from the Gorilla this strain has a wonderful and unique nose.  Effects wise this strain favours its Indica parentage with high relaxation mixed with a combination of euphoria and happiness.  Great for chilling out after a long day of work this strain will let you unwind to your fullest.

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